Thursday, October 8, 2015

Misty Morning Drive

Well, we are finally finished with doctor appointments and are good to go for another year.  No big problems with these old bones so far other than old age creeping up on us.  Actually, more like a gallop than creeping.

My last doctor appointment was early in the morning and we left in fog and morning mist.  We were treated to some great views of the mountains and open meadows along our drive.  Gerry managed to take a few pictures but we couldn't really stop and take more due to the appointment.  

I was in and out of the doctor's office in record time and we stopped at a Bob Evans Restaurant for breakfast.  I had what looked like an open face omelet and Gerry ordered the blueberry crepes.  We both enjoyed the meals and the never ending cups of coffee.  Of course, at $2.19 a cup, they should be refilled constantly. 

We decided to stop on the way back to the cabin and gather some walnuts for our local squirrels.  For some reason walnut trees don't thrive near the cabin; however, down lower there are hundreds of them.  Most of the walnut trees are along side of country roads and the locals don't gather them at all.  We used to pick bushels of walnuts and then crack them open for the meat.  Gerry baked a lot in the winter and fresh walnuts really hit the spot. You do have to be patient picking the meat out of the walnuts and that was a job to be performed while watching football.

As we were returning to the cabin a solitary turkey walked across the road in front of us and then flew into a tree.  Gerry whipped her trusty camera out and captured a couple pictures of what looked like a young tom.  He sat in the tree for a couple minutes watching us and finally decided to fly further back into the woods.

We've started our departure routine early this year so we aren't so rushed.  It's been raining a lot up here and the ground is soft next to the motorhome.  It's a very tight fit exiting the parking spot and I have to back up onto an area that is dirt.  Last year it was dry, however the motorhome left a few ruts as we pulled out.  I've decided to watch the weather closer as the actual date comes closer and if rain is in the forecast, I will move the motorhome to a local state park for a few days.  

It's been quiet up here on the mountain the past few weeks.  Just a few visitors (neighbors) stopping by, some doctor appointments, shopping and regular life events.  Nothing really interesting to blog about.

My brother went to the cardiologist yesterday and all is going well with him on that issue.  The doctor was pleased with his progress and said he was fit enough for his 2nd major operation later this month.  He gets asked how he is doing so much that I think he'd rather not talk about it.  

That's it from up here.  Hope you all are having a great Autumn.


  1. Love when those doctor appts are short and sweet. Those pictures in the mist or fog are so beautiful. We had fog the other morning in Medora - and now we're going to have record warmth here in Billings. We're hoping to head south on Monday. No mud for us.

  2. Love the photos with the low clouds.

    So glad to read that your brother is doing well.