Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Snafu Wednesday

Today was moving day and we sort of took our time since we were only going about 120 miles down the road.  We like the Little Bear Campground at exit 259 on I-80 and hung around another day to rest up.  Our site on the end of a row was nice since we had a large side yard and for the first couple days no neighbor.  There were a number of sites open, however a man in a little trailer decided to park next to us last night.  I wonder why people like to be so close to each other in a campground.

Just about the time we were ready to finish up our coffee we had a flicker in the lights.  That usually means the inverter switched from shore power to batteries.  I fired up the generator and it stayed on the inverter and didn't switch over to ac power like it should.  Ok, what now?  I checked relays, fuses, turning the genset off and nothing worked.  Finally I went outside and checked the genset and found out the relay out there had tripped.  I hate it when things like that happen and can't remember the last time a relay on the genset was a problem.  

The shore power eventually came back on and I switched over to it for the remainder of the time we were there.  Might as well use their electricity as our fuel to run the generator.  The lady at the office came around and and said the local power company had shut off the power to the whole area in order to make some repairs.

Shortly after that we were on the road to the Kum & Go fuel station to take on some $2.49/gallon diesel fuel.  We took on 56 gallons and soon was ready to go.  Nice to see diesel fuel that cheap and it helps with the pocketbook.

HWH filled out the forms for the repairs and sent them in to the extended warranty people and we will get $450 returned to us.  Who knows when the check will come in but at least they paid for the bulk of the service work.  Buying the extended warranty has paid off for us and I'm glad we have it.

We had an easy drive to Colchester, IL and are staying at Lake Argyle State Park for the next couple days.  Gerry's cousin Fran lives in the area and she wanted to take this opportunity to visit with her.  We met her and a friend for dinner and would up sitting in the restaurant for almost 3 hours chatting and catching up on family stuff.  We will visit with her on Thursday and take a tour of Macomb, IL to see all the sights.   Macomb is the home of Western Illinois University and Fran works there.

Oh, one more thing.  When the techs worked on the motorhome they weren't sure of all the buttons on the console and managed to turn the air horn off.  When I did my horn check today it sounded puny and wasn't loud enough to be of any use.  Once I switched back to the air horn it sounded great again.  It sure gets peoples attention when I tap on it when needed.

That was our day, how was yours?



  1. Always something exciting to keep you on your toes. We have diesel for $2.49 also but gas is $2.89. It just jumped like crazy in the last two days. You are making some good progress heading east. Much better than our progress heading north. lol

  2. You're 200 miles from us. I'd recommend the Wal-Mart. It seems we stop there every trip to Missouri. Ron used to like stop at Farm King but the got a little to high class. Safe trip.