Monday, July 6, 2015

Deadwood, SD

As I mentioned the previous posting we visited Sturgis and Deadwood in one day with Deadwood being last in line.  It started  raining just as we arrived in Deadwood and continued to rain the whole visit.  

At first we drove thru town to check it out and then drove up to the cemetery where "Wild Bill" Hickok is buried.  He was shot in the back of the head by a miner, but nobody really knows why the murderer did it.  The miner was tried by a "Miners Court" and found innocent, but he was tried in a real court and found guilty and sentenced to death.

After paying our respects to Will Bill, we drove down the very steep hill back into town.  It was raining too hard to walk the streets and check out all the shops, but I did get some nice photos of main street with a minimum of people around.

 We wound up eating dinner at an old restaurant which will remain not named since it was a forgettable dinner.  The shot above shows the patio with rain coming in next to people seated for dinner.

 They did have a large portion of the bar that was original from back in the glory days of Deadwood and we had to get a picture of it with Dale, Debbie & Gerry.

Due to the rain and cold we didn't really get a chance to see the town and all it's charms.  It was interesting to see, but very touristy and expensive.  At least we can cross it off our bucket list now.

We managed to miss a critical turn on the way back and drove a few miles out of our way and were heading for Wyoming when we discovered our error.  Then we had to retrace our drive through detours and construction to find our way back.  At least the wrong turn took us through a very scenic and narrow twisty road in the rain.

It was a quick ride back to the motorhome and we both crashed for the night.  Dale drove today so that was a nice change for me so I could pay attention to the scenery rather than the road.

That was our day, exploring Sturgis and Deadwood.  How was your day?


  1. We enjoyed our day in Deadwood also. The rain this year is getting ridiculous. Ohio has had it share of it for sure.

  2. We just need to figure out how to send some of that rain to California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. So would you work on that please? Deadwood is a been there done that type of place. Too many other beautiful places to see in that area.