Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving On Down The Road

The last couple days haven't been that interesting and I didn't want to bore you with the details.  However, I've been asked how come the blog hasn't been updated.  So, here goes what we've been doing the past couple days.

We arrived in Sioux Falls and drove to the fairgrounds where they had some full hookup campsites.  The camp host came out and told us that there was a special event going on the next day and we wouldn't be allowed out of the park between 9am-2pmk.  Plus they were calling for rain and the campsites were grass and soft dirt due to all the rain the past couple weeks.  Two strikes and they were out for a place to stay.

The Red Barn RV park had an opening and we headed for there.  It is an older park and has very narrow roads with trees, cars, truck and ROCKs lining the road.  As luck would have it the narrow lane I had to make a right turn into was almost impossible to access.  I made a couple tries and managed to run into a large rock placed right on the corner.  No damage, but after several back and forth attempts I managed to get past it.

The campsite itself also was very narrow with tree branches in the front.  I ran over a few of there 6X12 tiles that were supposed to be the patio.  Why they had them there I will never know since they weren't even close to our door and were only about 3ft wide.  The tiles didn't hold up very well to our rear wheels and I broke 3-4 of them.

The park manager finally said OK, you are all set and started to leave.  That is when I asked her to trim the branches (suckers) so I could exit the next day.  Reluctantly she said her husband would come up and trim the branches.  He arrived shortly and did a good job of trimming so it was easy getting out the next morning.

We drove down to Dakota Post,  our mail forwarding service,  and provides us an address in Sioux Falls.  They recently moved from one location to the another and we had to change our address.  PAIN!  While we were there we filled out a form to change our address on our driver licenses and they faxed the request to the DMV.

All this made us hungry and thirsty and we stopped by a neighborhood bar/pizza joint for dinner.  It was a 2 for 1 "Happy Hour" and we took advantage of that.  The pizza was also half price and we ordered a large one so we would have some left over for lunch the next day.  To our surprise it was an excellent pizza and we both enjoyed it very much.

We wound up taking the back roads the next day to our stop for the night.  US 20 in western Iowa was very rough and about shook the cabinets off the walls.  I cut down to US 30 and that was a great road.  Not a lot of traffic, a few towns and mostly corn fields.  We stopped for the night in Colo, IA at a rather nondescript campground for two nights.  Other than a short shopping 
trip into Ames, IA and some geocaching we just chilled out.  

Then we had an easy 140 mile drive to a campground near the HWH factory where we will have the jacks worked on Monday at 10am.

 See, I told you this would be boring, but there are times like this when your house has wheels.

Hopefully, you all had a more interesting couple days.


  1. We were in a campground just like that one. Paul actually got out and trimmed a couple of branches so we could get in our spot. We told them when we went to pay. They big deal, everyone does it. What? Why didn't they do it!

  2. glad you are making your way to the East Coast. I miss the blog each day. It is not boring at all.

  3. No matter what you do, it's definitely more exciting than our days. We are going to meet up with Bob and Jo tomorrow for lunch which is exciting. We stayed at that Red Barn campground also and were not impressed. We had tornado warnings the two days we were there which didn't help much.