Monday, July 13, 2015

A Day At HWH

I knew that HWH was on our route back east and took advantage of that and scheduled an appointment to have our leveling jacks serviced.  One leveling jack would go down after a couple weeks or so and I wanted that repaired.  The rear passenger side jack wouldn't retract all the way and it was a good time to have it repaired.

We had a 10:00am appointment and we stopped overnight at a campground about 9 miles from the plant.  There was a campground about a mile away but when I read the reviews of it a change of plans was made.  We made a good choice of staying at the Little Bear Campground just off of I-80 at exit 259.  Friendly staff and nice site, pool and a full hookup.  

We arrived early for the appointment and were told we would be next in for the work.  Well, two others came in after us and were taken first.  Gerry went in to ask what was going on since we were supposed to be next.  Evidently they had worked on these units and minor adjustments had to be made.  In the meantime we ran the generator (it was in the high 90s with humidity about the same), so it was comfortable waiting for our turn.

 We were told to pull into bay 6 and they would work on the motorhome after lunch.  Right at 12:30 the tech came to the motorhome and asked what were the problems.  Very professional and he didn't waste a lot of time chatting.  Before he arrived I managed to take a picture of part of the huge building we were in.  The also had a number of other large buildings where they manufactured their many products. 

They worked on the motorhome on and off for the next 4 hours and managed to correct all the problems.  We could have stayed in the motorhome while they worked on it or visit their customer lounge.  It was hot in the lounge but we couldn't run the a/c in the motorhome so we stuck it out in the lounge.

They called me back to the motorhome to help them with a few issues.  Finally, we settled our bill with them and found out they only charged for 2 hours.  That was nice.  Now we have to deal with our extended warranty people and get our money back from them after paying the deductible amount.  We may see our money in a month or so with luck.

I noticed a shell of a motorhome in the building and asked about it.  It seems HWH is working on a unique motorhome and plan to market them in a few years.  The man in charge of the project took us out to the motorhome and explained in detail all the features of it.  Many of them sounded neat, however a couple didn't make sense to us and we wondered who would buy the unit.  They plan on producing the unit and the buyer can install whatever they want in the motorhome.  i.e.,  dr office, dentist, residential or whatever they want it to be.  He didn't let us take any pictures since it is a prototype. 

Since it was late, we decided to return to the campground and setup for the night.  About the time we were setup a fellow camper who we met yesterday came over with his brother-in-law and asked if I wanted to join them on Tuesday for a golf outing.  18 holes of golf in the blazing sun with high temps and humidity wasn't my idea of a good time and I declined.  They stayed a while and visited with us.  Nice guys.

I checked the Yelp app and found a Mexican restaurant in West Liberty, IA that was about 7 miles down the road.  The restaurant was small and only 2 tables open when we arrived.  We grabbed a booth and both ordered a Taco salad for dinner.  Gerry had her margarita and I had a Dos XX LaRger beer.  No, I didn't make a typo, but they did.

We drove around the town of 3,200 people and saw a huge turkey processing plant.  An employee said they ran a couple shifts and they employed about 800-900 people.  There were also a few other businesses in the town.  Lots of Mexican restaurants, Tiendas, Spanish language names, etc.  I assume a large percentage of the work force was Mexican.

On the way back we saw a neat old barn and since I like barns, Gerry snapped a photo of it.  From the looks of the barn it has been around for a long time.

Oh, I also managed to pick up a geocache while we were waiting for the repairs to be finished.  Now I have added another smiley face for Iowa on my map.  It was too hot to look for many others and we headed back to HWH and their hot lounge area.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. It was hot here today 109, very little humidity.

  2. Glad you are back on the road with a well-serviced home.

  3. Glad you had a reasonably good experience at HWH. We did, too, a few years ago. And you managed to amuse yourselves, too - a plus in that area!