Friday, November 15, 2013

New TV & Visitors

Ron & Dee C came by Friday afternoon and I jumped into their beautiful Ford pickup.  It looks and rides more like a Lincoln than the old pickups I am used to.  It has more electronics, bells and whistles than a fully loaded car.  

The three of us were on a mission to buy a tv at Sam's Club after Gerry and I talked over the pros and cons of three 42" tvs we checked out on Thursday.  We settled on the JVC 42" Smart tv and we loaded it into the back of their pickup for the long drive back to the campground.  Ron helped me unload the tv and bring it into the motorhome.  They hung around for a while and we got caught up on what's been going on with them.  It was very nice of them to help me on this purchase and also provide a delivery service.  Thanks a million.

Ron K came over and we removed the tv in the living room area and replaced it with the new tv.  Ooopss!.   The new tv isn't as tall as the old one and there is an opening beneath it showing the wires and such.  Now we have to decide if we want to keep the tv, rework the braces holding the tv and lowering it, buy a decoration to cover the opening or what to do.

In the meantime we are watching the tv and getting used to using it.  It also has a lot of features including being able to access the internet through an ethernet cable or wireless reception.  They have some apps out there and one of them is Netflix.  Interesting.  I haven't activated this feature since I don't want to run it off the Millenicom wireless setup we have.

Saturday afternoon Sherwin and Linda stopped by for a nice long visit.  They have rented a house a few miles from here and we hope to see more of them this year.  It all depends on how fast my knee heals and I can get back on the road.

Right after they left Ron K stopped by to discuss what the next steps will be with the tv.  We discussed a few options and once we can decide what to do, I hope to finalize the installation.  

Gerry had a hair appointment today and headed over to Nellies for a cut and whatever women do to their hair.  She returned looking like a new and younger woman.  The short haircut looks great on her.  Why doesn't a short haircut look good on me?  No fair!

That was our Friday and Saturday happenings.  What interesting things did you all do today?

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