Friday, October 25, 2013

Tamales or Fish

We had a big decision to make today on where to go for dinner.  We've been eating dinner in for the most part since there aren't that many choices of places to eat in the area.  Since it was Friday, we knew that the fish place would be open and we heard about a nice Mexican restaurant in Belmont, MS.  Decisions, decisions.

As usual for us, we just got in the car and started driving in the direction of both places and made the decision at the intersection for the turnoff.  Fish it was.  We thought that since Tucson & the Southwest have so many Mexican restaurants that we would wait until we got further west to satisfy the urge for that cuisine.

The fish place is only open Thursday-Saturday and is a carryout place.  They do have a few picnic tables there, but it was too chilly to eat out, plus it is a busy area.  I asked a local if they had tables inside and he replied in the negative.  He did come to the car and praised how great the food was there and he highly recommended the place.  Said it was the best catfish he had ever eaten and guaranteed we would like it.  Since there was so much high praise from him, we decided to go for it.  While it wasn't the best catfish we've had, it was right up there near the top.

They had a number of choices on the menu, but we both picked the catfish dinner for $8.00.  It included catfish, baked potato, slaw, hushpuppies and a drink.  They offered us the sweet tea, but we knew not to order that since it was sickening sweet to our taste.  Must be the Yankee blood in us.  

While waiting for the order the gentleman introduced himself as Gene and wife Anita.  He is a Baptist minister and has his own church a few miles down the road.  They were very friendly and we chatted for 15 minutes or so and he filled us in on some other places in the area for good food.  Surprisingly, he said the Piggly Wiggly deli in Red Bay, AL had an excellent lunch menu.  We will have to go and check it out before we leave.  He invited us to stop by their house and chat some more if we had time.  They were a nice couple and interesting to talk to.

We went back to the motorhome and enjoyed the catfish dinner.  Gerry had a difficult time finishing hers and I left 1/2 of the baked potato for later.  It was well worth the $16 and if we are in the area again on the weekend, I see another trip out there.  Hopefully it won't be during this stop in the area.

We have the 2010 season for "Dexter" on dvd and have been watching it the past few nights. 
There are 13 episodes on 4 dvds and we are almost halfway through the series.  Dexter is a serial killer who picks out people that need to be killed (rapists, child molestors, murderers, etc) and each episode is about his next killing.  The actual murders are only a small part of the show, with the events leading up to it being the main focus.  To add to the suspense, Dexter is a blood splatter specialist with the Miami police dept.  The girl who plays his sister on the show was his real life wife until they recently divorced.  She plays a Miami police detective who works closely with Dexter.  

We watched the show when it originally aired a few years ago and we had Showtime via a dish, but when we gave up the dish network, we quit watching the show.  The plots are well written and keep your interest throughout the hour.  It ended it's run in September and hasn't been renewed as of now.  What a shame.  Now I have to go out and find DVDs of each season we missed.

We received good news Friday afternoon when Tiffin called and said to be in Bay 31 at 6:50am on Monday morning for our appointment.  That is a rough hour to be all packed up, slides in, jacks up and water, sewer & electric connections stowed away.  It will be worth it and hopefully we can get out of here Tuesday morning.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Now the big decision is what route do we take out to the Southwest.  I-40 and risk bad weather?  Direct route through Dallas on I-20 and face boring west Texas or drop down to I-10 and take the longer route out there?  Maybe we will do like we did picking out the restaurant and take a left or right turn somewhere and see where that leads us.  In any case, it will be good to get rid of this "hitch itch" and be back on the road.  Maybe diesel prices will drop by then.  Ha!



  1. Just to let you know we had a fire at the local refinery the other night. Citco and it was a crude oil tank but I'm sure they'll use it for an excuse to raise prices.
    Have a safe trip. I'm thinking about Mannys and Guadalajara is on the top of the Tucson list. What about you?

  2. Glad you're finally getting into a bay!

    For your route westward, I can suggest taking I-40 to Amarillo. Then take a diagonal southwest through Clovis, NM, Roswell, and Carlsbad, then take 180 to El Paso. Don't get on I-10!

    Take Loop 375 north (right turn). Turn right (north) on US-54. Exit on MLK Jr Blvd (FM-3255) going north. When you enter NM the road becomes NM-213. Turn left (west) on Ohara Rd (NM-404). This will take you over a very gentle hill to I-10 entering at exit #162 slightly north of Anthony, NM. Continue on I-10 to Tucson.

    This detour avoids most of the EP traffic, and also the pretty steep climb on Trans Mountain Rd. over Mt. Franklin. We've recommended it to several friends and everyone loves it!

    Overall, this will add almost 100 miles to your route from Red Bay to Tucson, but it will eliminate most of the mountainous areas and might be a change of scenery. And you might come out about the same in fuel usage because you won't be climbing a lot of mountains.