Saturday, October 19, 2013

Talladega Speedway & Full Hookups

We drove by the Talladega Speedway which is within sight of I-20 and Gerry managed to get some photos of the speedway and all the campers in the parking lot.  This was taken on Friday afternoon and we saw a number of RV heading in the direction of the speedway, so I imagine this field would be almost full by Saturday.  

I would estimate there were more than 5 times as many campers at this track than there were in Charlotte last week.  One reason for this is there aren't many hotels in the immediate area, while there are plentiful hotels near the Charlotte racetrack, plus the much larger population in the Charlotte metro area.  Just my opinion.

Notice the new $700 mirror on the left that caused us a three day delay in leaving the cabin.  This is the mirror that the tree jumped out and broke the arm and we had to order one from Tiffin and have it FEDEXed to the cabin.  It arrived Friday and SIL Jack helped me install it on the motorhome.  It messed up our travel plans, but when you are in a RV you have to roll with the punches and obstacles put before you when you are on the road.  The favorite saying of RVers is that travel plans are written in jello, and this was one case of that being true.

As I mentioned in the blog yesterday we had to dry camp the first night and were able to snag a full hookup campsite for the remainder of our stay here.  That became more important as they are calling for some real cold temps the next 2-3 nights.  Nothing freezing, but down in the low 30s.  I hope they are wrong, but if not the furnace, electric heaters and heat pumps on the roof  will keep us nice and toasty warm.  Bring it on.



  1. Jim would love to camp at a race someday. I'm happy to let him and my BIL go to the one here in Phoenix in March. Glad you got a hook up spot. It sounds way too cold.

  2. Glad you got a FHU site. I'm just catching up on reading blogs! Stay warm.