Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Balloons to Rocks and CO/Propane Detectors

Last year at this time we were hanging around Albuquerque after the Balloon Fiesta waiting for Gerry to get over a virus.  We were antsy to get on the road, much like now, but Gerry didn't feel up to starting down the road.  She went to a Clinic and was prescribed some medicine that helped clear up the problem and away we went.

This year we are sitting in a campground with the largest boulders I have seen on the East Coast.  They are scattered around the area and these three are close to our motorhome.  They are all larger than a car and some close to being the size of a motorhome. 

Bug Mushroom

Notice how the tree is fighting for room next to these boulders.  The giant oak seems to be holding it's own for now.  Amazing how the trees can compete for space with the boulders.

Last night our Safe-T-Alert CO/Propane detector starting going off every few minutes.  Normally that would be a cause for alarm, but since we don't have any propane lines and there weren't any engines running emitting CO2, then they were false alarms.  I took the unit out of the wall and checked it and found out that they recommend you replace it every five years.  Ours was 7 years old and it must have died on us.

 Just to be on the safe side, I left the window in the bedroom open and turned the exhaust fan on all night.  It got real cool, but that just contributes to good sleeping weather.

Larry Jr. said it most likely was a faulty unit and needed replacing.  He also said to check the propane tank for the portable grill and put soap and water over the valves to make sure it wasn't leaking.  Tiffin Service gave us a second opinion that matched Larry Jr.'s and confirmed that it was faulty and since we will be there on Friday, I will wait until then to replace the unit.  The local RV dealer, Tom Johnson wanted $134 for the detector and it will cost $44 at the Tiffin store.  $90 profit seems like a ripoff to me.

We are off to Larry, Jane & Grant's house where Barbara will join us for dinner there.  It's always a surprise to see what Larry Jr. has prepared for us.  Follow up.  He prepared some ham & turkey sandwiches with cream cheese, dinner rolls and lots of other ingredients that I didn't catch.  They were delicious and I ate two helpings and made a pig of myself.  They're called Tailgate Sandwiches.  Yum!

Gerry had made two pumpkin pies since they are Larry Jr.'s favorite pie and he always looked forward to winter holidays and the pies.  Grant saw them first and was very excited.  Evidently it is his favorite pie also and he asked for the biggest piece of pie.  It didn't last long on his plate and I think he could have eaten another one.  As usual, the pie was superb. 

We made it an early night since everyone was tired and worn out.

That was our day, how was yours.

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