Monday, August 19, 2013

Tom Tom Charger

I wrote about the charger for our Tom Tom XXL GPS failing while we were on our trip with Grant.  I've gone through a number of them with this unit and it was getting rather expensive buying new ones.  My Son-in-law Jack mentioned they sold chargers at Lowes Hardware for around $6.00 that would work with the unit.

I had a number of errands to run today and stopped by Lowes and picked up a charger for $6.00 and plugged it into the GPS.  It worked fine and was charging the battery like it's supposed to.  It will be interesting to see if this one lasts any longer than the previous more expensive units.  I would imagine that they are all produced in China and of the same quality, so I am not that optimistic.

There was a 2007 Jeep Commander parked in a driveway with a for sale sign on the window.  I stopped to check it and from what I could see it looked like it was in good shape.  It has 96K miles on it and looked like new.  I was sort of interested in it for a tow car, but when I found out the estimated gas mileage was in the 12mpg range, that put an end to that.  Too bad, it looked really nice.

Not much exciting going on around here except that I saw three deer fawns with their spots quite visible along side of the road.  I didn't seen the mothers around, but that isn't unusual since the fawns have to keep up with mom and they like to wander off.  We see it all the time in the meadow in front of the cabin.  There are about 7 fawns around the immediate area, so it must have been a good year for increasing the herd.

There are some old barns up here on the mountain and they are neat old buildings.  There was a really nice one along side of the road, however someone bought the land and tore it down so they could put a double wide on the property.  

South Mountain Barn
 That was our exciting day up here on the mountain, how was yours?


  1. We use the GPS on our phone now and it works great most of the time. Good luck with the new charger. Most of our fawns around here have lost their spots but are still hanging around Mom. That is a neat barn - wonder what the overhang was used for. Maybe a feed trough.

  2. We have fawns out back of our house in the field and they play like puppies so fun to watch. did Gerry get my e-mail?
    see you soon I hope.