Monday, August 12, 2013

200 mile trip

We knocked off two of our doctor appointments today and it was a 200 mile roundtrip.  We went to our family doctor and also one of my doctors.  We got the results back today and all is well so we are finished with them for the year, except for getting the prescriptions filled and back to us.

We really like our family practice doctor and it was worth the drive to see him.  He recently joined a medical group and gave up his private practice due to the overwhelming government forms and regulations that he had to file.  It required him to buy a new computer system for &70-90K and that was the last straw.  He sold his practice, office building and said that was it last year.  I don't blame him.  One benefit for us is that he is closer to us now than he was at his old office.

We had planned on joining a couple friends for dinner while we were in the area, but he couldn't make it at the last minute.  He's had some medical problems and they were acting up on him.  We will reschedule for early September and see if he can make it then.

I avoided the infamous rush hour traffic in the DC area by taking a less traveled road and had a pleasant drive back up here.  Cassie called and invited us for a lasagna dinner with garlic bread and a salad.  I couldn't pass that up.  Gerry makes a delicious lasagna, however with just the two of us it is too much food, so we don't have it very often.

We got back to the cabin after 9pm and were worn out from all the sticking, driving, walking and those thing associated with a long day.  It was an early evening for us to go to bed and recover.  I don't know how the people up here can drive to the DC area each morning, work all day and then drive back in the evening and do this for years.  Must be something to do with age.


  1. I know the feeling. When we spend one day driving around I need two days to rest up and I'm not the driver.
    Glad to hear you're passing your tests.

  2. Boy, wouldn't we like to say we've seen our two doctors, everything is OK and that's it for this year!! We've actually gone nearly four months and only had one doctor visit and three physical therapy sessions. But once we get home, we'll be making some more appointments. Thank Congress for Medicare and AARP for our suppplement plans!