Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday cookout at the cabin & two fires.

Cassie, Jack, Elizabeth and Lexi joined Larry Jr, Grant and us for a cookout on Sunday after church services.  Cassie had to prepare for a medical procedure on Monday so they had to leave early.  Gerry made her famous potato salad and baked beans, while Cassie prepared Lime Pear salad and another cold salad for the meal.  My job was to clean the grill and prepare the hamburgers and hotdogs.  I have a 12 inch circular cast iron grill that sits over the metal grill.  All went well and the hotdogs came out burnt like everyone likes, except Elizabeth.  The hamburgers were just right and were very delicious.  Nobody went hungry today.

We finally sat down to eat and were enjoying the meal when Jack noticed the grill was on fire.  Not a little fire like you expect, but a roaring fire coming out of the sides of the grill.  Since the grill was on the porch we had to take care of it fast.  Jack grabbed a cover from another older grill I have and placed it over the fire.  Whew, that was close.  I am glad the cabin is insured and we wouldn't be out of luck if it burned down.

Never a dull moment around here.    

Jack, Lexi, Elizabeth and Cassie with her back to us.

Lexi, Cassie & Elizabeth

Grant doing what he does best

Gerry & Larry Jr enjoying the fire

Cassie & Company had to leave around 4pm and by that time we were all tired out to the bone.  Grant started a fire and out came the marshmallows.  I think he likes to roast them more than eat them, but he does a good job on both.

The chair that Larry Jr. is sitting on is older than he is.  We bought a set of two chairs and a chaise lounge back around the mid 1960s.  Over time the other chair started to fall apart and then the chaise lounge did the same.  I took pieces from each and kept the chair going all these years.  While we were on our trip we passed an antique store and they had the exact same chair on sale.  What do you think the chances of a chair like that one made in China will be around after 50 years?   Slim or none is the best guess.

That was our exciting and fun filled day, how was yours?

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