Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grant's Birthday, great grandchild & Tornados

Grant, our grandson, had a birthday party on Friday and we got here just in time to attend the celebration.  I should have timed it better, because this is a task they assigned to me.  Next to snow, this is the last thing I want to be associated with.

I managed to finish the job and not break the lawn tractor, so it all worked out well.  Gerry, Grant & Larry Jr were inside preparing for the big event.

Laser tag was on tap for the celebration and as expected the girls vs boys split came about.  The girls all stayed behind one stand and didn't spread out like the boys did, with the boys being the aggressors.  Typical for 12 year olds.

Grant attacking the girls fort.

One brave girl being chased by the guys.

The girls tired of the game first and then it was every man for himself.

It was time for the birthday cakes (2, chocolate & white ) and all the kids and parents gathered on the porch to cut the cakes. 

12th birthday
Later in the evening Ryan & Dee brought our great grandson over to the party and that was it for Gerry.  She hugged Ryan & Dee and took Griffin away from them.  Other than to feed him, he was held by a succession of grandmother, aunts, uncles and even some stragglers from the party.  Gerry hogged him most of the time and didn't want to give him up.  Since I don't do well with holding children before they are 2 years old, I relinquished my time to her.  Also, I didn't want to fight over him with Gerry.  He never cried and seemed to love the attention.

Dee, Jane, Griffin, Gerry & Barbara

Barb, Dee, Gerry, Griffin, Henry, Ryan & Larry Sr.

Jane, Dee, Griffin, Gerry, Me, Grant, yours truly, Larry Jr. & Ryan

We all stayed and visited way too late and finally everyone sort of crashed and we decided it was time to leave and go back to the motorhome.  Before we left we took a few more pictures and gave Grant his birthday card.

Barb & Henry

Grandson Sean & Taylor

Grant - I think he liked his handmade card.
 We had a great time seeing everyone and meeting some of Larry Jr & Jane's friends and the nice part was that we left all the kids behind with their parents.  Life is good.

 I was watching the severe weather heading for St. Louis and into Illinois since my brother and his family live in Gillespie, IL and it was right in the path of tornados.  I called my brother and then my niece Saturday morning to check on them.   Everyone was well, but my nephew who lives near Edwardsville, IL,  house was struck and he lost a barn.  No injuries so that was good.

There was one casualty in my hometown of Gillespie.  The roof of the high school gym was blown off and much of a side was demolished.  I think the gym was built in the 1920s and has been remodeled a couple times over the years, including a new floor installed a few years ago.  They have the worst luck with schools back there.  A few years ago the new elementary school was demolished when the mines beneath it collapsed.  The new school was built about a block from the HS gym, and suffered minor damage.  It hasn't been turned over from the contractors, so it is their problem to repair it.  If they didn't have bad luck with the schools back there, they wouldn't have any luck at all.

There were some homes damaged in Gillespie, along with a number of trees blown down, but no serious injuries reported as of now.  It's tough out there, the people are resilent and will get through this like they have in the past.  Hang in there guys.

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  1. Looks like you had a good time at the party. It's nice to get together with family and then leave them behind while you return to your place of quiet. At least that's what I enjoy.
    Glad to here your family in Southern Illinois is safe. We've had enough of those death and destruction tornados for the year.