Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Hot here

We had intended to cut some more branches by the road today very early, but by the time we finished breakfast it was so hot we decided to forego it for another day.  We cranked up the a/c in the cabin and worked on some chores inside.

Later on in the evening we had to pick up some groceries and it had cooled off by then, down to 92 degrees.  We've spent Julys up here where we've had the fireplace running in the evening to heat up the cabin.  Not this year.  The weather forecast for Monday looks like it will be back to normal temps for a while and hopefully we can get back to the trimming business.

What an exciting life we lead up here on the mountain.  

We don't have cable tv or even Dish tv, so we watched Thunder In The Sun from 1959 with Jeff Chandler & Susan Hayward in the lead roles.  The rest of the cast were French actors playing Basques settlers heading to California with grape vines.  It was a little hokey, but overall an entertaining 81 minutes.  

We had the movie on a VHS tape and played it on our 1992 19" Panasonic tv with a built in VHS VCR.   If it isn't broken, don't fix it and the tv works fine after all these years.  No, I don't want to sell it!

A friend sent me this moving rendition of the Battle Hymm of the Republic performed by high school and middle school choirs.  The music is great and I wanted to share it with you all.

Keep cool out there wherever you are.

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  1. We have had high 70's for the past couple of days with no rain for a change. the humidity has gone for now. a great week coming. 49 to 54 at night. sure can't ask for any better weather. So sorry you are still in the heat. You will be glad to get your bus up the mountain for sure. Maybe it is time to give up the mountain and stay on level ground LOl. Take care and stay cool.
    cone to Maine, where it is relly cool!!