Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cashbox Pawn Shop

Pawn Stars presents an interesting look at the pawn shop business and we heard about a good pawn shop in Tucson that has a lot of nice jewelry.  Mention jewelry and Gerry's eyes pop open and she is ready to hit the road.  Today was the day to check out the Cashbox Pawn shop on Craycroft Rd.  

Gerry went for the jewels and I headed for the gun section of the shop.  They had a very large selection of shotguns and rifles, including a nice Coach double barrel shotgun.  If I had a use for it, I would have bought it on the spot.  It was super clean and looked great.  They had a nice selection of pistols but it would be almost impossible to buy a pistol in Arizona since we have a Maryland address.  It is much easier to just wait until we get back to Maryland.

Gerry found a nice ring that she is interested in, but didn't buy it today.  She wants to think about it for a while.  I think she enjoys shopping more than she likes buying.  That is fine with me.  I do believe there is a trip back to the shop in the future.

We topped the day off with dinner at the Village Inn and took advantage of their free pie on Wednesday.  Last Friday night we ran into Dan from the park, at Cattletown restaurant and tonight he found us at the Village Inn.  Great minds must get hungry for the same food at the same time.  Kim and Dan's parents, Nola & Ed were with him along with a well mannered 2 year old.  Don't ask!

The meals were so large that Gerry only finished half of hers and I struggled to finish mine.  Both meals were very tasty and something we would order again.  Now I will have to finish this entry and enjoy the Cherry pie that I brought home.  No, I will not share it.

Our friends Ron & Dee C moved into their new mobile home here in the park.  It isn't actually new, but it is new to them.  Ron spent most of the day moving their belongings from their 5th wheel trailer and into the new home.  Dee was a little smarter than him and spent most of the morning knitting a sock.  What?  In any case, congratulations on your new home.  At least you don't have to cut grass in this one. 

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