Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Slow Days

Well, things have been slow lately around here.  The park sponsored a singing duo on Saturday night and we enjoyed their music.  They played a mix on country ( little bit ) and more recent songs along with some oldies.  I prefer that to a steady diet of the same thing. It is neat how two people can generate so many sounds with a keyboard and guitar.

Our friends Gloria & Doug abandoned us for the wet, humid weather of Florida last week and are now making their way across Texas.  Last sighting of them was in San Antonio, TX on their way to Melbourne, FL.  According to my calculations that leaves them 1230 miles to go and at 200 miles a day they won't be there for Xmas.  If I know Gloria she will be pressing Doug to drive a little faster and longer and make it before Xmas.  LOL

Today is cookie baking day and we have to run out and get some additional supplies so Gerry can finished the job.  I am the official cookie taster and take this very important task very seriously.  Someone has to do this task and I am the one.  Yeah!  I can just taste the mincemeat cookies now.  

So much for now.  Maybe some cookie picture postings later.  That is, I don't eat them all. These are just a few cookies baked already, along with some from daughter Barbara. ( Russian tea cakes; mixed one in lower center )  Of course I have checked them for taste and all are great.  It smells like a bakery here in the motor home. 

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