Sunday, December 5, 2010

Early dinner

Gloria and Doug are moving on Monday morning and wanted to have an early dinner today with us.  The park they are staying in is shutting off the water to the campers on Monday and it will stay off for a week or two, so they wanted to get everything ready this afternoon.  We are sad to see them leave but we know we will see them again somewhere along the road.

We took them to a local sports bar, Montgomery's and had a very nice meal.  They make the best sandwiches around here and the beer is always cold.  It is hard to imagine that one sandwich would fill us up so much, but it did.  I was surprised that the bar wasn't full when we got there and we got seated immediately.  Great.

We returned to the motor home and watched The Amazing Race and it was one of the better ones.  The two online shopping contestants are real characters and very entertaining.  I think they are one who we both want to win.  Ooopss.  Gerry said she was rooting for Nat & Kat.  The final three groups are all ok, so whoever wins will be ok.  In the past there usually was one group that we didn't want to win.  Not this time.

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