Friday, December 3, 2010

Saguaro Park, West

Today was our scheduled trip to Saguaro Park and Al, Sharon, Gerry and I had a great time.  We stopped at Old Tucson Studio park just to look at the entrance to the park and while we were there a couple friends showed up.  We had been telling Al & Sharon about the mangy coyote we saw there a few years ago and when we were leaving the parking lot we ran across this guy.  His friend was on the parking lot to his left.  They both looked well fed and were very healthy looking.

We drove down the road and saw some squares out in the valley and got to wondering what they were.  We drove about 5 miles and came up on the Tucson Water Supply Agency.  They have about 9 man made reservoirs in a row there and they all were full. 

Then it was time to drive through Saguaro West park to check out the huge cacti there.  Unlike the East side of the park having asphalt roads, the west side is a gravel and rock road that is very rough.  It took us about an hour or so to drive the 8 miles.  I don't think there was a smooth part on the drive.  It is really wild out there and hilly. 

We topped off the day with a visit to the Vail Steakhouse for dinner. They serve a pretty good meal and they are quite large.  We usually bring home a doggy bag and it is enough for a large lunch the next day.  This night was no exception.

It was long day and we were all tired out and called it an early evening.  

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