Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quiet days

We've had a couple quiet days around here lately.  Gerry and I went to the coffee & donuts social on Tuesday morning and contributed our $$ to the 50/50 drawing.  We missed winning the prize but Loretta who came in just ahead of us was the big winner.  Guess we will have to get there sooner next time.

The large RV dealers in the area used to sponsor the coffee and donut gatherings on Tuesday morning, but since Beaudry went out of business and La Mesa and Freedom RV seem to be in a slump also, they have withdrawn from sponsoring the goodies.  Too bad, we used to be able to see what units they had available since they would always bring 2-3 for display.   Times are tough.

Gerry went to the sewing club after coffee and I headed out to complete a couple things on the honey do list.  I dropped by and picked up Allen and we completed the tasks quickly.  Of course that made us thirsty so we stopped at Tucson McGraw Cantina for a cold one on the way back.

That was the summary of happenings around here, but I have my eye on you all. 

Gloria & Doug had a minor mechanical problem on their motor home and hung around for another day to take care of the problem and left on Tuesday for the next leg of their journey.  Hopefully they will stop for a day or so on their return through Tucson to visit with us again.  Maybe dinner at Montgomerys Bar & Grill will be enough to get them to stop.

Have you all noticed that the TV programming is mostly reruns lately?  I guess they think we are out shopping and not watching their commercials or something.  There are just so many Christmas programs that I can watch each season, so that limits what is available.  At least there is football, basketball and hockey on tv now so there is something to check out. 

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