Saturday, April 16, 2016

Two Day Visit to Freightliner & Big Change in Plans

Wednesday I went to the dentist early in the morning for some  work that lasted two hours.  $$$$  After the appointment I headed back to the park and finished loading the motorhome and getting ready to leave the park.  

Our destination was Freightliner of Tucson for some routine maintenance work that needed to be done.  Nothing major  except for some work on the front air bags.  The passenger side one was working on and off and I didn't trust it.  We arrived at Freightliner and parked in one of their courtesy full hookup sites.  Very nice ones at that.  

The service writer came out and wrote up our request for the work needed and said to be at the gate before 7:00 AM Thursday so we would be the first in line.  I mentioned that the air bag wasn't working very well and asked for him to work on that first.  Good move on my part since it was not working at all in the morning and I had to drive the MH to the gate with the passenger side tire rubbing since it wouldn't air up.

It's worse than it looks.
 They spent a long time diagnosing the problem and finally decided it needed a new valve.  They had to spend a lot of time locating the part and finally had one shipped overnight to their location.  In the meantime, they finished up with the other work and said to park it back outside and then bring it back the next morning to finish the work after the part arrived.

Fast forward to today and back into the shop we went.  We got there about 10:00 AM and parked the MH at the gate.  Off we went shopping and doing a little geocaching along the way.  We returned around 3:00PM and they still weren't done with the work.  

Sitting in the RV lounge on easy chairs before the bad news.

Finally they came out and said there was another faulty part and they didn't have the skills to finish the job.  WHAT!!!!  A quick call to La Mesa RV and we are scheduled for service there on Wednesday of next week.  DOUBLE WHAT!!!!

We will be staying at Freightliner's rv sites until Wednesday morning and then driving over to La Mesa.  They took forever to get the MH ready for us to park for the night and we didn't get out of there until after 8:30PM.  They did present the bill to me and it was all messed up with prices and how much the extended warranty firm was to pay.  I said that I wanted a correct bill but I was told they can't do that until Monday.  No problem since I hadn't paid it yet.

At least they did give us a nice benefit while we waited.  Do you think it worth it?

 So, for the next five days we will be guests of Freightliner.  Never a dull moment out here on the road and as they say, plans are written in jello.


  1. Come visit anytime. Just give us a quick call to make sure we are home. yes Larryit is 4:22 am and I am up for the day!!

  2. I love the header photo.

    Why would that company give you such a crappy bill? Lazy?

    Free WIFI...I like.

  3. That is just sad. I thought maybe with all the snowbirds who have already headed north you could get an earlier appointment. Guess not. Freightliner should have been able to give you a good bill the first time around. I would not be happy. But flexibility is the name of the game when you live in an RV. Hopefully La Mesa can take care of your problem.