Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back On The Road To Camp Verde

We arrived at La Mesa RV early on Wednesday and got in line for service.  Shortly thereafter the tech said everything was fine and was releasing the MH.  Well, he must have misunderstood the instructions since he hadn't made everything o.k.  He took it back in and this time fixed the problem.  Of course, all this took the better part of the day.  Since it was so late after all that, we went back to Freightliner and set up for the night.

We had called the Rancho Verde RV park in Camp Verde to make a reservation.  The best we could get was starting Friday.  We  still needed a park for Thursday (today) night.  Before we could call around the nice lady at Rancho Verde called back and said they had a cancellation, creating an opening today if we could make it.   

Super!!  We rushed around and hit the road early for the drive up here.  The weather forecast for the area was for a windy day on Friday and I didn't really want to fight a side wind for 200+ miles and drive through Phoenix (not that bad like the Capital Beltway) so I was happy to make the drive today.  It worked out well and we arrived here early enough to have a relaxing afternoon.

There are some steep and long hills on I-17 but we made it fine in spite of the 97 degree temps in the area.  I just took my time and let all the speeders go by on their merry way.  

Camp Verde, AZ

Thankfully we didn't need the runaway ramp
We will be here for a week and then move on to Las Vegas, NV for 10 days or so depending on whether Gerry is winning on the one armed bandits.  It's nice to have a campsite with trees and green grass once again.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. I'm jealous. Still another month to go for us. We'll be headed to Las Vegas also but we're going up through Congress. Safe travels and Gerry - exercise that arm good.