Monday, April 18, 2016

Still Here at Freightliner

We are finished with getting the oil change, lube and other minor things that had to be done to the motorhome.  They were all finished last Friday, however they ran into a problem with the air suspension system.

The air valve came in and was installed, however that didn't fix the problem.  It seemed that there is another master cylinder that directs the air to each of the air bags and this unit was failing.  The techs didn't think they could make this repair since they didn't have any schematics and information about the cylinder.  All this came about late Friday afternoon and as stated in the previous blog I called La Mesa RV to get on their schedule.

The bill was messed up Friday evening and we settled up today.  Since they couldn't repair the actual problem, they only charged to look at what was needed, plus the charges for the other work.  It turned out to be well below the first attempt at preparing the bill.  I will give Freightliner credit for not charging for something they could not fix.

In the meantime we spent the weekend at Camp Freightliner.  The photos below were taken from the entrance to their repair facility.  

The passenger side is now too high in front and low in rear.

Tucson Freightliner shop

Nice covered picnic site with two tables.
 All in all it hasn't been too bad staying here with the full hookup and nice camping area.  We'd rather be moving down the road but these things happen with motorhomes.

Hopefully La Mesa RV can diagnose the problem and order the part on Wednesday morning.  If so, we will spring for overnite shipping so we can head north.  If not, we will find a spot to hang around waiting for the part.

On to another subject.  I read a number of RVing blogs to help find places to visit, good campgrounds and other information from the bloggers.  In the past month or so a number of these bloggers have decided to "hang up the keys" and settle down in houses, trailers, etc. and come off the road.  Most of them have been blogging for 7-10 years or so and finally have run out of interesting things to blog about.  Many have migrated to Facebook and other sites to keep in touch with each other.  Others have health and family problems that come up requiring them to be near health care centers and relatives.  Some just get tired of seeing the same sights over and over.

At the same time a number of new bloggers have started up and it's interesting seeing them discovering how great RVing is.  It's a little like if you don't pay attention to history you tend to repeat it.  Out with the old and in with the new.

That was our weekend, how was yours?


  1. I'm still hoping the right piece shows up and you can get on the road. Glad they got that bill straghtened out. I need to go find some new blogs. I have nothing to blog about so I'm getting really bad at commenting.

  2. Hope La Mesa can do the job for you too!
    I can't image anyone hanging up the keys because they are tried of seeing the same sights. We couldn't visit all the sights in the US in a lifetime!