Friday, June 12, 2015

Tillamook Quilt Trail

The Tillamook Quilt Trail began in 2009 with a group of representatives from several city and county organizations met with intent to build a Quilt Trail.

The Quilt Trail concept is very popular in the East, as there are approximately 3,000 quilt blocks mounted on barns and businesses.  The nearest to Tillamook is in Nebraska.  We have seen a number of them in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area.

By 2010 the Quilt Trail extended into Tillamook and thirty quilt blocks were mounted on buildings of interested citizens and businesses within the city.  The quilts were very popular and an additional 50 requests to add to the list came about.  All together there are 81 quilts in the area.

Gerry loves quilting and became interested in getting as many pictures of the quilt blocks as we could while driving around Tillamook.  She said it was much like geocaching trying to find all the quilt and then be able to get a good photo of them.

So, for the enjoyment of you quilters out there, here are some of the quilts we found in our travels.  They were everywhere on buildings, barns, homes, businesses and just about anywhere they could hang one.  

That was how we spent parts of our days here on the beautiful Oregon coastline.  What did you do as exciting as this?


  1. Those are great pictures Gerry and I bet they are even better seeing them in person.

  2. We did part of the trail. I loved looking at those bright colors. Glad you enjoyed the ride.