Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Drive to Coeur d'Alene

It was time to move on down the road today and we took our time and headed out around noon for Coeur d'Alene, ID.  We had a 300 mile drive ahead of us and with good roads it took us about 6 hours including a fuel stop.  

We took I-90 across the Cascade Mountains via Snoqualmie Pass, elevation 3,022 feet, the only interstate crossing and lowest east–west crossing in Washington State.  For the most part it is a good road except for two sections where they made grooves in the road that made it very rough.  It shook the motorhome so much that I switched lanes whenever I could.

The scenery changed considerably before and after the pass.  

 The mountains' sides were very steep and not really usable except for growing trees.

This lake ran along side of the I-90 for a couple miles and looked to be lower than in the past.  Old tree trunks from when the lake was built are now showing up at one end.

 OK gentlemen, start your engines and get ready to roll.  We stopped at a rest stop and thought the line up of tractor trailers was neat.  There was a bright yellow truck that left the start line a little early and had passed by us.

Around Vantage, WA there was a long descent into the Columbia River crossingThere wasn't a tree in sight in this area.

We saw numerous dust devils along the way and had to slow down to avoid a very large one that could have caused problems for us.  This was a small one and not a problem.

Spokane, WA skyline approaching from the west.  We went through at rush hour and it was an easy drive.   Or, their rush hour isn't as bad as around Seattle.

The homes on this hillside looked really nice with the mountain behind them.  Photos can't quite capture the beauty of the area.

Finally, we arrived in Idaho and stopped for the night at a RV park to take advantage of having a full hookup site.  Gerry washed a load of clothes and wanted to do some chores before stopping at the Elks Lodge in Coeur d'Alene.

That was our exciting day, how was yours?

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  1. I didn't think you would have dust devils up there. I expect them down here. I really like that part of Idaho.