Saturday, June 6, 2015

Salem Coffee Houses

We've been hanging around Salem the past few days trying to avoid all the pollen in the area.  The sun finally decided to appear and the last couple days have been beautiful.

Gerry and I needed some prescriptions refilled while we are in the area and chose the Costco Pharmacy to take care of it.  First we had to contact our doctors and have them send the prescriptions to Costco and that turned into a real chore.  Our Tucson doctor's office took forever to send in the request and when they did they left off my prescription.  That's when I contacted my Maryland doctor's office and they sent the prescription in that same afternoon.  I should have gone that route in the first place but thought it might be easier to deal with only one doctor.   Live and learn.

From what we have seen of the area Salem has a great downtown area with shops, restaurants, and is a vibrant town.   The businesses look neat and appealing and there is plenty of parking available.

One thing we've noticed is the number of coffee kiosks all over the area.  I guess this is fairly common in the Oregon/Washington states, but isn't something we have seen often in our travels.

There are two Coffee In Motion buses in the area and they have a full menu of coffee and other drinks.  It looks like a neat idea.

The Java Crew coffee shop below was the smallest one we have come across and hopefully we can try out their coffee before we leave the area.

The Seafood Philly Chzstk advertised below is a first for us also.  Philly cheesesteaks are cheese and meat back East, but I guess they have modified it to fit in with cuisine out here.

 We checked out the state capital here in Salem and I will have some pictures of it and the area around the capital building.

If it seems that we aren't doing much it's because we are taking it easy and trying to recuperate before we hit the road again.  This touring and traveling is very tiring and we need to find a nice casino so we can relax in it.  

Gerry finally got her Dairy Queen fix tonight after waiting patiently for over a month to have one.  The DQ was mobbed tonight and the drive through line had 8-10 cars in it.  Inside it was wall to wall people.  I decided that I didn't want to wait in the drive through and went inside and ordered the blizzards.  They were delicious and well worth the wait.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. That is a ton of different java places. Coffee on wheels is a great idea. Can you sit upstairs and people watch while you enjoy your coffee?

  2. Not being a coffee drinker I probably wouldn't have noticed all the different places. That bus idea is really neat though. We have a mail order prescription service and convincing them we aren't always at the same address gets to be a nightmare sometimes. Jim called them last summer to be sure they had our Montana address. They sent the order in two shipments - one went to Montana and the other down here to Arizona. Sometimes you just can't win. I "let" Jim stop at McDonald's the other night and get a hot fudge sundae. He was one happy guy. Rain down here yesterday and today. The temperatures have been perfect - doors open and wonderful. Thanks to the hurricanes out in the Pacific.