Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mama's Kitchen

We made plans to have lunch with Katy, one of Gerry's sorority sisters, and drove over to her home in Green Valley to pick her up.  She lived in Maryland but last year sold her home there and moved to Green Valley to be nearer her daughter and granddaughter.  She moved in with the granddaughter and recently bought another larger house in the area.  They are having it remodeled and hope to move in a couple months.  We weren't able to see the home since they had a 5 ft deep ditch around the side and front of the house.  Maybe next time we can see it better.

Katy didn't have any preference where we ate as long as it wasn't Mexican food.  She doesn't care for it at all so that ruled out one of our favorites, Manuel's Restaurant.  So it was on to plan B.  When my brother and Sue were out here last year he found a local restaurant called Mama's Kitchen and ate there for breakfast or lunch every day.  They only serve breakfast and lunch and have limited seating.  They were almost full when we got there after 1:00 PM.  We managed to snag a booth that was built for people much smaller than me, but it worked out fine.

We enjoyed our meals and managed to stay there after their 2:00 PM closing time.  I think Katy has found a new place to eat there in Green Valley.  

Gerry wanted to check out a RV park in the area and it was on the way back to Katy's so we took her with us.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the park and the nice camping sites there.  They had some openings for next season and we added it to our possible places to stay if we come back out here in the fall.  It's always nice to have a choice and change is good sometimes.

After dropping Katy off we were headed for Costco to fill up the gas tank.  It was necessary to drive by the Desert Diamond Casino and since Gerry loves the slots, we stopped and donated some money to the Indians who own the casino.  Gerry's player's card didn't work so she thought getting a new one would get some of the casino's money to play with.  Nope, they had her on record and gave her a new card, but no freebies.  We did take advantage of the 1/2 price dinner buffet before we left.  It was ok, but had a very limited selection.  Definitely not in the same class as "M" in Las Vegas, but was a cheap meal for us.

On to Costco and filling the tank and then back to our RV park.  Nothing exciting to report but we did have nice day and seeing Katy added to that.

How was your day?

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  1. Nothing much the past few days here, but did finally get out with Rob & Dawn to dinner tonight-- local Italian eatery we enjoy-- they did too! None of us went away hungry or disappointed There was an Art Walk that we took advantage of as well -- all in downtown Concord. Nice evening 😉
    Tomorrow is GRIFFIN time!!!!' 😍😍😍😍