Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fun Day On The Town

It was an early day for us since Gerry had to fast before getting some blood work done.  All part of her recent visit to the doctor and nothing serious.  

Just as we arrived at the Dr. office where she was having the blood work, we received a call from the RVMD who is working on the RS-3000 Inverter stating that it was truly dead and had to be replaced.  They needed the exact mileage on the motor home so I dropped Gerry off and went back to get the reading on the odometer.

As a reward for her ordeal she wanted to have breakfast at IHOP and enjoy some of their delicious crepes with strawberries and whipped cream.  I had the Colorado omelette stuffed with different meats and it was great.  They were busy and it took a while for the food to arrive but there was an endless supply of coffee.

Since we were so close to Michaels, it was our next stop.  Gerry wanted to pick up some card making supplies for Easter cards.  I chose to stay in the car and guard it from thieves and let her shop to her hearts content, or it seemed like it.  After sitting in the car for a while a car alarm started going off about 100 ft from where I was parked.  It would blare for while, shut off and then start all over again.  This went on for 20 minutes or so and it was a loud alarm.  Nobody checked on the car so I wonder how much good the alarms are.

We decided to check out a campground on the northwest side of town.  It is called the South Forty RV Ranch and is near the Costco over there.  The park is about the same size as the one we are in but is landscaped very nicely and is very neat looking.  The sites seem to be a little closer there than our park, but they angle park everyone and that makes for more privacy.  All in all, it was nicer than I expected and is in a nice area of town.  Gives us something to think about if we decide to come back to Tucson next winter.

Cactus flowers in bloom.
All that driving made me thirsty and we took the opportunity to check out the Thunder Canyon brewery near the park.  It is in a nice shopping mall and has outside seating.  We got the last table available at lunch.  They had some good lightning lunch specials and we ordered a fish and chips and a hamburger plus a couple of their special brews.  The food was good and the beer even better.  I think this is a place we will come back to in the future.

We finally decided it was time for the 25 mile drive back to our park and jumped on I-10 and made it back in good time after a short stop at the local Fry's Grocery for a few things.  It was a long day.  When we got back I watched the end of the Maryland-Valpairiso basketball game that MD won by three points.  A little too close for comfort but MD has been winning games like this all year.  Hopefully that can continue to win and make it to the final four.

The rest of the evening was spent resting and taking it easy.  Just another exciting day out here in the warm Southwest.


  1. You mean the team that wasn't good enough for the ACC anymore?

    1. They were good enough, but couldn't compete with UNC hired athletics that took classes that only required one paper, and most likely that paper was ghost written and then graded by someone from the athletic department. Surprisingly they received A's all the time to compensate for actual classes they never or rarely attended. I won't even go into the Miami, FSU standards.

      Maryland is 10-5 in the challenge and NC State is 6-9. Maybe State should have switched.

      FYI: Results

      2014 Big Ten 8–6
      2013 Tied 6–6
      2012 Tied 6–6
      2011 Big Ten 8–4
      2010 Big Ten 6–5
      2009 Big Ten 6–5