Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Couple Days Happenings

Last week during the Escapade Rally in Tucson I decided to join the Elks.  Then it was time to join the Escapees.  The Elks had a special going during the rally and it was too good of a deal to pass up.  Our friend Sharon of the Gypsy and Mariners blog sponsored me and after paying the application fee it was time to wait for the initiation ceremony.

The initiation was held on Monday night and I joined 52 other new Elks members.  Gerry and I were both surprised that there were so many new members and I am sure the Willcox, AZ Elks Lodge was pleased to see so many new members join at the same time.  It was a 66 mile drive to Willcox and we made it in great time since the speed limit in the area is 75mph.  We made the drive there in the car since we will be here at the park until mid April.

I also was surprised to see how many new members were female.  I hadn't known that females were allowed in the Elks, however the rule allowing females was changed a number of years ago.   

Today was St. Patrick's day and it started off great for us since we won the lucky buck drawing at coffee this morning with $61.00 being our share of the pot.  Luck of the Irish for sure.

They also had the drawing for the quilts and we came up short again and didn't win a quilt.  Gerry had her eye on one quilt but it wasn't destined to be hers.  The raffle brought in a lot of money so the group can continue to make Linus quilts for children in the local hospitals.  It's a great cause and the quilters and children both made out in the deal.

A few of the quilters.

Large wall hanging"Sarah's Hand" spirit horse

We had doctor appointments today and they went well.   We have to come back next year for the next appointment.  We only had a short wait to see the doctor and we were out on the road again very quickly.  That isn't the usual scenario when we visit this doctor, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Waitress all decked out.
We were meeting a couple friends for the St. Patrick's Day celebration and headed over to the Canyon's Crown restaurant for corned beef and cabbage.  It was early when we arrived at the restaurant and were seated quickly.  

They had signs all over stating they would only seat people when everyone in the group was there.  Our friends hadn't finished their work for the day and arrived later but we managed to keep the table until they arrived.  We had a great time visiting with them and celebrating  the day.  Later on the daughter of one friend showed up and we hung around for another hour or so.

Kilted man at the bar

Our friends.  Yes, adult beverages were served.

It was a long day and we finally got back to the park and are ready to crash for the night.  It was a great couple days and now we have to catch up on our sleep.

Good night all.


  1. You will really like the Elks membership. We use it all the time. We just stayed in another Elks campground last night. Many of the campgrounds are NOT resorts, but that is fine with us. We don't use all those extras anyways.
    Looks like the ladies had a wonderful St. Pats day...lol.

  2. Welcome to the fellowship of the Elks! Sorry we didn't manage getting together during the Escapade, but I'm glad the Fennells made everything work out for you to become a member. You'll definitely enjoy the benefit of RV parking places and getting to know some great people in your travels.