Thursday, January 15, 2015

WIndshield Chip repair

On our trip out here from the East Coast I was a nice guy and let a pickup truck merge in front of me and was rewarded with two rocks flying up from his rear wheel and striking the motor home windshield. The pickup had an ATV in the bed of the truck and the driver must have been out riding the ATV in a rocky area and proceeded to spray rocks along the highway.  Of course, he floored it and was out of sight rapidly. 

The chips looked bad but they didn't run very much so I kept driving.  Gerry circled the chip area with a magic marker to see if they would spread.  It stayed the same since the 1st of December.  We finally got around to calling our insurance company yesterday and arranged for the windshield to be repaired.  

Safelite sent out a technician today to do the job and he arrived this afternoon.  He checked the chips to make sure they could be repaired and said it wouldn't be a problem.  He made quick work on the repair job and wrapped it up in about 30 minutes.

The first step was to attach the device shown below to the windshield and then force acrylic into one of the chip holes.  He had a template with a hole in the middle and drew a circle around the chip before he applied the acrylic into the hole.  Then he did the same thing to the other chip. 

 The next step was to cure the acrylic with an ultraviolet light device.  He applied a square of mylar over the holes before he used the ultraviolet light. 

After the acrylic was cured the tech used a razor to scrape off the plastic and excess material.  The chips are still visible but no moisture can get into the holes now and that should stop any further damage.  Time will tell.

The insurance company paid for the work at no cost to me.  Now if they don't raise my rates next year, then it really will be no cost to me.  More to come on that later.

All this work made me hungry and we decided to go to The Village Inn for dinner.  Ron K joined us and we left early to beat the rush.  Well, a horde of q-tippers had the same idea and beat us there.  We had a 15-20 minute wait before we were seated.  Each of us ordered different meals and all agreed the food was very good.   

Wednesday night is free pie night and that is one reason so many people were there.  We were so full that we took our pie home and had it later for a dessert.  My cherry pie was great and Gerry had a White Chocolate Cherry Dream pie which was even better according to her.

See how exciting it is out here in the desert.  More excitement to come in the upcoming days.

One of my loyal readers sent me an email outlining her exciting days and ours.  She has met a number of new people in the past couple months and has written to some of them.  Well, actually she has written checks for numerous home repairs.  No, we don't want to trade her our "excitement" for hers.   Plus, it's very cold where she lives.  Hang in there JC!


  1. Home repairs and freezing cold - don't even have to think about that one. We've been lucky so far. We've only had one rock chip in the truck windshield since we started this journey. We had a Village Inn cherry pie for Christmas and it was fantastic.

  2. Darn the bad luck. We leave here next Wednesday. No pie for us.