Monday, January 26, 2015

"American Sniper"

Gerry and I were looking forward to viewing the "American Sniper" movie and we finally made it to the theater today.  Monday is Seniors day and the tickets were $10.50 total for both of us.  It was money well spent and we enjoyed the movie very much.  I would highly recommend it to everyone.

They have two theaters showing the movie and the one we went to was 3/4 full with a big spread by age.  I was surprised to see as many young people there for an early afternoon movie.  There was applause at the end of the movie and the few people we talked to said it was great.  I can't imagine this movie not winning the Oscar for best picture of the year, but then you are dealing with the Hollywood group.  The lead actor was superb and the supporting cast was strong.  Clint Eastwood outdid himself directing and making it very realistic. 

It wasn't so much a war story as it was Chris Kyle fighting for what he believed in.  The sniper was there to help protect the Marines and provide cover in the most difficult conditions.  He was so good at his job the enemy had a $180K bounty on his head.  All in all he had over160 confirmed kills of the enemy during his 4 tours of duty in Iraq.  

At the end of his last tour he helped other returning soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was shot and killed by a veteran he was trying to help.  He left behind a wife, son and daughter and was revered by the SEALS with whom he served.  

Now we are trying to figure out what movie to see next week and both of us think whatever one we see will be a big letdown.  Anybody have any suggestions for a good movie?  We saw "Taken3" last week and liked it, but not as much as the first two Taken movies.

We went to Sweet Tomatoes after the movie and managed to sneak in on the lunch prices or  the cashier made a mistake.  The meal this time was very good and we managed to fill ourselves up on salads, bread, soup and ice cream.  As an added bonus, we each got two cookies to take home for later.

It was a good day for us and I hope you all had a great day.  Linda & Sherwin must be hunkering down up in Maine waiting for expected blizzard to strike them.  Stay warm you two and good luck.



  1. Sweet Tomatoes gives a senior discount between 2pm and 5 pm Monday-Thursday and beverages are included. And you thought we went for a late lunch because we weren't hungry.

  2. We have heard nothing but great things about "American Sniper." Thanks for the review.

  3. I love Sweet Tomatoes. Need to go when we get back to AJ. I, too, have heard nothing but good reviews for that movie.

  4. We did not get that much snow and it just started this am at 6. the wind is howling but no difference than in Tucson ,,just much colder.