Friday, January 30, 2015

PieHole Whiskey

Gerry had a routine Dr appointment today and it included the usual 1 hour wait to see him.  All was well with the visit, but by the time she got out of there it was dinner time.  She drove home in a heavy rainstorm and wasn't too happy about that.  By this time she was ready to go out for dinner.

We settled on a visit to Montgomery's Bar & Grill in nearby Vail.  If you are a follower of this blog, you will know it is a favorite place of ours (mine mostly) so we ran between the rain drops and headed there for happy hour and a meal.  I didn't think it would be busy there with all the rain, however I was wrong and we just managed to snag a small table.  Shortly thereafter a couple Shocktop drafts were sitting before us and the food order was taken.  As usual we enjoyed our meals and could barely finish them due to how large they were.  

When we came in Gerry noticed they had a special on a PieHole Whiskey Pecan Pie drink.  It had hot chocolate, Piehole whiskey pecan pie and whipped cream.  Since it was a cold and dreary day, she decided to try one and loved it.   The drink arrived in a large coffee cup and she said it really hit the spot.  The bonus was she could actually taste the whiskey in the drink.

We've never heard of PieHole Whiskey and thought it was sort of a joke, but there really is a Canadian Whiskey named PieHole.  Yes I know there is another meaning for this, but the whiskey was great.  Not something you would want to sip at, but makes a great drink.  

It was still raining cats and dogs when we left the restaurant and I took the back roads back to the motorhome.  We went through a number of low spots where the road was covered with water and ran across a few idiots who were driving way too fast for the conditions.  The spray from them covered our car for a couple seconds before we could see the road again.  Hope I didn't pick up some dings and dents from the idiots.

It looks like there will be one more day of this rain and then nicer weather the first of the week.  We are ready for some nice sunny days but really aren't complaining that much when we see what the weather is like in the Midwest & Northeast.  At least I don't have to shovel the rain.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. I'm with you - I am really ready for some sunshine after all this rain. And it just started raining hard again here in AJ. Jim's thinking we may need the boat before this is over.

  2. I have never heard of Piehole whiskey either. I really like several of the flavored whiskeys. My favorite...Fireball!