Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Target shooting in the desert

As many of you are aware, guns are a way of life out here in Arizona.  They take their right to bear arms very seriously and let you know about it in the drop of a hat.  I also believe that the right to bear arms is guaranteed under the Constitution and fully support the fight to keep that right.  Enough about politics, but I needed an introduction into my afternoon.

Ron K and I went target shooting in the desert today and had a great time.  There are numerous gun clubs, public shooting ranges and desert shooting areas.  One such area is a few miles from the RV park and Ron wanted to know how to find the place.  We each took a pistol and headed out in the desert to the shooting place.  It is in an ADOT pond that has long since dried up and provides an embankment to shoot into.  It is also on BLM land and perfectly legal to shoot there.

Ron K setting up targets
 When we pulled up to the shooting area there was another person getting ready for some shooting.  He brought trash bags full of cans, plastic bottles and other targets to shoot at.  He also didn't like to be out in the sunshine that much and brought along a beach umbrella to sit under while shooting.  Smart man.

There were literally thousands of spent shells littering the ground at the shooting site.  Everything from .22, .25, 30-30, .226, shotgun shells and everything in between was laying all over the place.  As bad as it looked, it was much cleaner than the last time I was there.  Evidently a group of shooters clean the area fairly often and it didn't look as bad as it sounds. 

Shotgun shells piled up
 We were out shooting for an hour or so and decided it was time for lunch.  Also, the 80+ temp contributed to our leaving the area.  We decided to stop by Montgomery's in Vail, AZ for lunch and enjoyed a nice meal.  Then it was back to the RV park to rest up for the next adventure.

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