Thursday, November 10, 2011

Water Heater & Great Soup

We had made plans to visit with Carolyn & Mann today and when we exited the motor home, there was water leaking from the water heater.  I opened the outside door to the heater and there was a steady spray of water coming out of the plastic plug at the bottom.  It had split and needed replacing.  As luck would have it, the end broke of when I attempted to replace it.  I won't go into grueling details, but Mann had an extra plug and brought it over.  It took a long time to extract the remaining piece of the plug from the heater without damaging the threads.  Finally, in the rain, we got the piece out.  In goes the new plug.  Nope!  I didn't have the proper sized socket to tighten the plug down enough.  It still leaked a little, so I turned the water off and we will repair the leak in Concord, NC at the next campground.  Always something with a motor home that needs to be repaired.

We joined Carolyn & Mann at their beautiful home for some more chatting and dinner.  Carolyn had made some home made soup earlier in the day and it really hit the spot for this rainy, damp and cold day.  Plus, it was a very good soup and I had two bowls of it and could have eaten more.  I should have thought to ask her for the leftovers.  She also made some cheese biscuits to go with the soup and they were excellent.  My compliments to the chef.

We hung around to chat some more and watch a couple of our favorite TV programs.  As luck would have it, they were both repeats.  That worked out well since we could chat even more.  It was a very enjoyable evening, but it was time to go and we said our goodbyes for a while.  We will see them here or down the road someplace else.  That is the beauty of RVing, since you do get a chance to see old friends in different places.  Thanks guys for your help, dinners and company.

Today is 11/10/11 and we had another special event.  Last year on 11/10/10 our odometer on the Saturn turned to 80,000 miles.

Last night on the way back to the campground our odometer turned over to 99,000 miles.  That is 19,000 miles in one year actually driven by us in the Saturn.  I know that doesn't sound like many miles to a lot of people, but to us that is a lot of miles on these tired old bodies.  Gerry will attest to the fact that it is taking it's toll on her back and I am actually tired of driving so much.  It is about time to slow down and put less miles on us.  Yah, right.  We have 2400 miles of driving in the motor home to get to Tucson.  Then we will slow down.

Sorry to bore you with the odometer stuff above but we have always tried to watch the odometer turn from one milestone to the other.  Sort of an indication of the exciting life we lead.

Off to North Carolina in the morning assuming all goes well.

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