Saturday, December 3, 2016

Progressive Thanksgiving Day

Gerry and I spent much of October and November in the Charlotte, NC area visiting with our daughter and son and their families.  We camped at the Camping World CG near Lowes Motor Speedway and a couple weeks in our son's driveway.  He has a 30amp electric box for us and water, but no sewer hookup.

When we left the campground and drove to his house Gerry had an unfortunate accident.  She was running with flip flops on and fell on the driveway and injured her knee and ankle.  At first she thought the pain would go away quickly, however it became worse as time went by.  Finally, she decided it was time to visit an Urgent Care center and see what the damage was.  Severe sprain of the knee and damage to the ankle was the diagnosis.  

She nursed the knee and ankle and it didn't seem to be getting better and we went to another more professional Urgent Care center where the doctor seemed more interested in her problem.  After multiple x-rays and an ultrasound, he said there were no broken bones.  He added that it would take time to heal and to keep the leg above her heart as much as possible.   

Before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving and our daughter Cassie, Jack and Belle came down to celebrate with us.  Niece Erin and her family also came down to celebrate with us and Larry & Jane made their house available for Thanksgiving dinner.  Barbara and Henry came with Ryan, Griffin and London to help celebrate.

Larry Jr bought two turkeys from Bojangles.  He and Jane provided appetizers and some sides while others chipped in with more sides and dessert.  Gerry baked 4 pumpkin pies and one mince meat pie for me.  There was more than enough food to go around for everyone and we all managed to stuff ourselves.

Gerry, Jane, Erin and Larry Jr

Barbara and Cassie
Barbara, Erin, Larry Jr, Cassie, Jane, Herbert, Henry and Jack

Larry Jr made the table below from the lumber salvaged from Grant's outdoor swing set made out of redwood.  There is a center piece in the table and that really sets it off.  He did a fantastic job on making the table and has received numerous compliments on the finished product.

Abigail, Erin, Grant, Caden, Belle, Larry Jr, Gerry and Me

Henry, me, Jack, Christopher, Herbert, Cassie, Jane & Barbara

The weather for Thanksgiving was perfect with a sunny and warm day for sitting outside or playing a game of corn hole which is popular in the North Carolina area.

Gerry wasn't the only one there with an injured leg.  Christopher broke his leg playing tackle football.  He has a great arm and plays quarterback and held the ball too long before he threw it for a completion.  

Erin, Christopher and Belle

Erin, Caden, Belle texting, Christopher and Herbert

Larry Jr and Jack

Gerry showing off her form.

Cassie & Barbara

Erin and Gerry

Great granddaughters Riley & Hayden being held by Abigail & Caden

Jack finishing off the ice cream
 This turned out to be a progressive Thanksgiving with the main meal at Larry Jr & Jane's home and dessert at Barbara & Henry's home.  Both wanted to host the whole celebration and splitting it between them was a compromise.  Gerry and I didn't care where the celebration was, we just wanted to celebrate with our family and it worked for us.

Sean & Taylor brought the twins over to Barb's house for the dessert portion of the day and it was nice seeing them running all over the place.  Abigail wanted to hold them all the time but they were much too interested in seeing what there was to see on their terms.

Finally, it was time to go since we were stuffed and worn out.  The campground is near the Lowes Motor speedway and they had it decked out in Christmas lights for the holidays.  They alternated a car and this fire truck near the entrance and Gerry managed to get this photo.  There is a drive-thru Christmas light display from mid November to the end of December at the race track.

 We waddled into the motor home, collapsed and were in bed very early that night.

That was our Thanksgiving, I hope you all had as great a time as we did. 


  1. A wonderful time with family is the greatest time of all. Hope Gerry is feeling better. Takes a long time for our bodies to heal after we damage them.

  2. Glad to hear you both had such a nice Thanksgiving with your family! Loved seeing the pics of everyone.

  3. Oh poor Gerry. Hope she is completed healed.
    Looks like a wonderful family Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for.