Saturday, December 17, 2016

Melbourne Beach, FL Christmas Lights & a Concert

Our good friend Gloria had a birthday last week and we took her out to breakfast to help celebrate it.  Then later that night we joined Gloria, Doug and three of their friends for a nice birthday dinner at a local Texas Roadhouse restaurant.  We all had a nice meal and the beer was cold so it was an all around great evening.

Later on that evening we attended a concert at the Melbourne Community center.  The local orchestra played a number of Christmas songs and a high school senior sang a couple songs.  She had a fantastic voice and received a standing ovation from the crowd.   

We were directly across the road from Gloria & Doug's campsite and could see them sitting outside enjoying the nice breeze and sun.  They had been parked where we were but the salt spray damaged their previous coach so much they moved across the road.

One evening we drove around Melbourne checking out the Christmas lights.  One particular block is known for everyone putting up great decorations each year.  They did a great job and we enjoyed seeing the decorations.

Our week was almost up at the park but the day before we were scheduled to leave, the mechanic showed up to repair the radiator.  He kept delaying his arrival and it didn't look good for him finishing the job.  Finally, he showed up and worked on the unit for 2.5 hours to finish the job.   This was a different person from the initial problem I wrote about earlier.  He drained all the old anti-freeze from the system and refilled it with 10 gallons of new anti-freeze.  He tested it and we were finally ready to hit the road.

We made the drive from Melbourne Beach to Seffner, FL and didn't run into any heavy traffic.  It was slow going through Kissimmee, FL but overall we made good time and pulled into the Lazydays Campground in time to relax for a while.  It's a very nice campground and part of the Lazydays RV sales and service group.  

A visit with friends Mann & Carolyn is on the calendar for Friday night.  We last saw them in September on our way down to Roanoke Rapids for our grandson's wedding.  It will be nice to see them and their new house in Redington Shores, FL.

That's what we've been up to lately, how about you?


  1. Love all those Christmas lights. Not sure we're going to get out to see any this year so glad you posted your pics.

  2. Gorgeous Christmas decorations.
    I am in Ohio and putting up with below freezing temps, rain, sleet and ice. Don't head this way!

  3. Hope to see you both soon!!! it was in the high 50"s here today. Keep coming west!!!