Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jindabyne to Canberra

We were up early again and went down to a full breakfast provided by the hotel.  Everything was good except for the eggs which were mushy.  I think they were powdered eggs that weren't mixed properly.  There was more than enough food so not having the eggs wasn't important.

There was a geocache near the Lake Jindabyne so we headed over to find it.  I don't think Mike understood why we were looking for the caches, but was more than willing to drive us there.  This cache was up a steep hill in a large pine tree and was an easy find.  Gerry took my picture through all the pine branches.

The lake was very pretty and looked to be well used by fishermen and sailboat enthusiasts.  The water was crystal clear.   

We stopped by the visitor center which was very well done.  It had a diorama of the Snowy River and surrounding mountains, along with a nice gift shop.

This old wagon was parked along side of the road advertising a local attraction.  It was quite unusual to say the least.

While Mike worked on the Snowy River project, his wife Angela worked in a hospital in Cooma.  He visited her on his days off and finally when his commitment was over, they moved to the Sydney area.   

They had nice plaques around a park with scenes of the different aspects of the building of the project.  There were flags from the nations of the workers also behind the plaques. 

 Mike was eager to get to Canberra so we basically stopped for a few minutes and continued on with our journey.  It was a good road and we made great time getting there.

It was just after lunch when we checked into our hotel and decided to go out for lunch.  The hotel clerk said there were restaurants about 5 minutes away and she vastly over rated our ability to walk it that fast in the heat and humidity.  It was more like a grueling 25-30 minute walk and it wore us out, especially me.

On the way back we passed by this bus parked in the park.  I'm not sure what the message was, but it looked like it had been there for a while.

We went back to our rooms and took it easy for a couple hours and then had a late dinner in the hotel.  After that we went back to the room and crashed.  Gerry and Mike did watch "Pretty Woman" and I worked on some photos and finally went to bed.

It was mainly a driving day without a lot of sightseeing other than the countryside we drove through.  That was our day, how was yours?

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