Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Great Ocean Road Torquay to Port Fairy Day 1

February 22, 2016

We were up early to take our wet & dirty clothes to a laundry nearby.  We needed them for our scheduled trip along the Great Ocean Road trip and our washing machine was on the fritz.  It couldn't have come at a worse time since we had to leave for the airport no later than 1pm.

We hustled down to the laundry at 7pm to tell the clerk about our tale of woe.  She said she would do her best but couldn't promise they would be ready in time.  Oh boy!  

With nothing more we could do, we stopped for a nice breakfast at an outdoor cafe.  It was just what we needed to calm our nerves and come up with a plan B.  Gather what clean clothes we had and make do was the best we could come up with.

We had two carryon bags & a limit of 15 lbs in each bag.  Do you realize how few things fit into the bag before it is overweight?  Not much.  

Finally, the clerk called us around 11:30 am and said the clothes were ready for pickup.  Super!  We rushed over & retrieved  the clothes and came back to pack our bags. 

Then the fun began when we tried to keep the weight below 15lbs.  Out came the bathroom scale and repeated moving of items between bags.  We were finally successful and headed out to catch a cab.  Gerry’s handbag weighed more than the carryons.

After a short wait for a taxi we were speeding toward the airport.  With only a few delays we were sitting in the boarding area for our Jetstar flight to Melbourne.  We chose the Avalon airport near Geelong since I could avoid driving on the "wrong" side of the road in less traffic.  It worked.

The exit from the plane was onto the tarmac & the last time we did that was 1986 when we left Abidjan, Ivory Coast.  Gerry stopped to take a photo and the security agent yelled at  her to stop & put the camera away.  Oooopps, she almost caused an international incident.

We exited the airport and picked up our nice Holden car and made our way to Torquay about 45 minutes away.  Gerry kept telling me to stay on the left side of the road.  Plus, keep the car on the road.  I heard those comments the whole 5 days.

We arrived at our motel and checked in and sat for a few minutes before heading  out to dinner at an ocean front restaurant.  We were seated quickly and both ordered their chicken parmaesan.  It came with French fries rather than spaghetti which was a first for us.  It was different, but tasty.

After a short ride around the town except two curbs jumping out and grabbing the passenger side front wheel, all went well.  Gerry did get a little shrill as she screamed for me to get back on the road.  Women!!!!

That was our day, how was was yours?


  1. HAHAHA....good for Gerry. She just wanted to be sure you remembered. It isn't the WOMEN...it is the MEN who are driving the dang car...lol

  2. You should have brought me, I could have told you how to drive so much better than Mom. ;)