Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just Hanging Out

 Gerry and I have just been hanging out here in North Carolina visiting with our family.  We've managed to put a number of miles on the car running around between visits to family members. 

One evening we went out to dinner at a local family restaurant and the TV was on just behind us.  It must have been something interesting to have Grant, Jane & Larry, Jr staring so intently.  The meal turned out be just so so, while the desserts were great.

We stopped by Barbara and Henry's home today to watch the World Cup final game between Germany & Argentina, but first we had to endure the final few laps of the NASCAR race in New Hampshire.  Just kidding about the race, it had a great ending.

The photo below includes our three grandsons, and two of their special ladies in their lives.  Our granddaughter was in Maryland for a motorcross bike race and couldn't make the party.
Gerry, Ryan, Taylor & Sean, Hannah & Jared, Larry Sr

Grant joined us for another grandchildren photo and had on his Ivory Coast soccer team shirt.

Larry Jr joined his sister Barbara, Gerry, me and Henry for another group photo.  It's hard to believe than Larry Jr. was always known as Little Larry for so long and now he is 6' 3 1/2" tall and big.  No longer Little Larry now, but still is in our minds.

Barbara had prepared pulled pork bbq, coleslaw and other fixin's.  We managed to stuff ourselves and enjoy the great pulled pork.  There goes the diet.

Right after the photo taking everyone started to head on down the road and it was just Barb, Henry, Gerry and me to sit around and chat.  Barb & Henry both have busy days ahead of them on Monday and we left early so they could get some much needed sleep.

Oh, BTW, Germany won 1-0 in overtime and it was their 4th World Cup championship.  I expected them to win 3-1, but Argentina put up a stiff defense and it took Germany until the 113th minute mark to score.  Great game.

Gerry's great nephews Christopher and Caden both compete at a high level in Karate tournaments and did very well at the 2014 USA Karate Nationals in Reno, NV this year.  

 3rd Pl. in Boys 6 y.o. Beginners (out of 20 boys) in the 2014 U.S. Karate National Championship is Caden!

 THE winner of this year's Nationals, boys 11 y.o. Intermediate is Christopher! Very deep division with 26 boys.
With him is the 2d pl. Girls 11 y.o. Intermediate champion, and they were (good) friends in Park City, where she still lives.

The 1st and 2nd place per division starting at age 12 represent the U.S. Karate Team at the 2014 World Ch., this year in Peru.

 Do you think they have proud parents and great aunt & uncle?  That's the way to go, you guys.

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  1. How fun to be sharing all these great times with family. It's hard to believe you have grands that old - since I'm still waiting for my first one to even become an idea. I think a long talk with the kids is on the agenda when we see them next month. I'm getting older by the minute.