Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Henry - Mother's & Father's Day dinner

Good morning Henry.  Have you read the Yahoo News website yet?

Thanks to you and Barbara for the Great Meal last night for the Mother's & Father's Day celebration.  Surf and turf is one of our favorite meals and it was delicious.  The steaks and striper bass were grilled to perfection.

Henry, Gerry & Me
Barbara took the above picture, so I am including a photo of her taken on the patio.  What a great smile.

 Grandson Jared and his girlfriend Hannah showed up after playing doubles volleyball at the court by the community pool.

 Grandson Sean and Taylor (wife) showed up at the same time after the volleyball game.  The guys played the girls and the matches were very close.  Both girls played high school volleyball and are very athletic.

I think the grandsons must have smelled the steaks that Henry grilled on the patio and rushed on over.  Uncanny how they can do things like that.

Gerry and Barbara worked on craft stuff all afternoon and I took the opportunity of having fast internet service to download some files and tune up the computer.  It worked out great for all of us doing our own thing.

Can anyone explain to me why the Immigration people would fly illegals from Texas and drop them off in San Diego to be processed.  The processing was to take their names and have them promise to show up in court the next day.  They take them to bus depots and see them off to destinations all over the U.S.  Do they really expect the illegals to show up the next day?   I think not!!!  It seems to me that the Immigration people are just completing the work of the Mexican coyotes who sneak them across the border.  What kind of insanity is going on with the U.S. Government?  I wonder if Obama knows about this???

Time to finish off the blog and hit the hay.  Have a great day wherever you are.

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  1. Fun night but you old folks are wearing me out with all these late nights and all the beer you are making me drink!! That being said see you tonight!