Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Out of Gas.

I know that may sound strange since we have a diesel engine in the motorhome, but in this case it refers to our old bodies.  We finally hit the wall after 22 days of driving, sightseeing, walking and all those good things.

There is a family of campers across from us with 8-9 kids in their group.  It's a case where each of the children gets to bring a friend and also some cousins thrown in for good measure.  They have a 38ft 5th wheel and two tents to take care of the crowd.  Yesterday Grant started playing with a couple of the kids and now they are best buddies.  He found some crawdads in the creek, played ball, rode bikes and had a blast.  I am sure he will be ready for bed early this evening and sleep like a log.

We took advantage of his being occupied and got some things done around the motorhome.  Gerry bought a towel holder while we were in Red Bay at Tiffin and I promised to install it.  She has gently reminded me of this fairly often and since it is about the end of Grant's time in the motorhome, it was finally the time to tackle the job.  You would think this would be a 10 minute job, but you would be wrong.  It wound up taking about an hour to do the job due to the walls being thin in the bathroom.  At least it is finished.

Then she reminded me to clean the screens on the fantastic fans.  Now that is a job that I can do fairly quickly, but slowed it down so she wouldn't keep adding jobs to the list.  It's worked so far.

We had a nice fire last night and burned all of our firewood we've been carrying around for the last three weeks.  It wasn't cured enough and was hard to start again, but we finally had a good enough fire to cook marshmallows.  They were good and we all had our fill of them before the fire died down.  

The lady with all the children came over with three portions of pie iron for us.  We had just finished our homemade chili and they hit the spot.  For those who don't know what pie iron sandwiches are, here is what I know about it.  Get a roaring fire, two pieces of bread, some cheese, ham or whatever filling you want, some butter on the outside of the bread and drop them on the hot iron skillet in the fire.  Try it, you will like it.

Here are some pictures taken from overlooks and also the airplane ride.  It is a beautiful part of Pennsylvania and one of our favorite campgrounds on the East Coast.

Misty Morning

It's hard to believe that we've been on the road with Grant for 22 days now, except that we are bone tired.  I had laid out an agressive travel plan and we almost hit everything on the list.  Now we have something to look forward to for the next trip with him.

That's it for now folks.  Hope you all had as nice of a day we did.



  1. Just caught up with you again today. LOVE the Bully Hill Winery photo. Bill & I have been there a few times... still manage to find "Love My Goat" wine now and then. What a lovely place to be! We spent a couple of weeks just wandering from one winery to another... that was WAY back, before we retired. I envy you your time there now.

  2. With no electric and then no internet for awhile, I've gotten so far behind. I think you did great going 22 days before hitting the wall. I can go for about a week and then I need a day off. You've really shown Grant a fantastic time.

  3. After our kids grew up, their kids never rode with us, and I'm pretty sure our great grandkids won't either. They don't agree with our lifestyle, I guess. You are lucky.

    Our vent fans need cleaning, and attaching anything to the walls takes at least six times the time it should. I speak from experience, especially where REPAIRS are involved.

  4. Well I just want you to know since I'm old enough to enjoy coffee, I must be older than Grant at 12. what I'm getting at is....I think it's my turn to travel with you! Everything looks amazing and like you covered your bases quite well. I'm sure Grant will have stories for years to tell!