Monday, July 22, 2013

Richfield Springs, NY KOA

Gerry and I rarely stay at  KOA campgrounds since they are universally overpriced for what you get.  When I checked for a campground near Cooperstown, NY the choices were very slim for a nice spot for a reasonable price.  They have a very short time period up here to make any money on a campground and they make the most of it while they can.  Can't blame them for that, but it does get expensive in a hurry.  We lucked into this full hookup space with a nice pool for $46 a night.   We have shade trees and a nice picnic table on the large site and easy access.  

The owner is really friendly and helpful and makes you feel like he really appreciates our business.  I would recommend staying at the Cooperstown KOA which is near Richfield Springs, NY.  It is located just off of US 20 about 16 miles north of Cooperstown.

We have been on the go so much the last week or so that it was decided this would be a take it easy kind of day so we could recharge our batteries.  Take it easy as in doing laundry and grocery shopping, but not sightseeing.

Grant and I went down to the town of  Richfield Springs to the local supermarket to take on some much needed provisions.  Milk being the most important since Grant goes through a gallon every other day.  That is fine with us, since it means he isn't drinking coke or sweet drinks all the time.  They give him a lot of energy. 

I took advantage of the slow day to download a few geocaches in the area and we picked up three of them.  The first cache was about 1/4 mile down the road from the campground and attached to someone's mail box post.  I assume they are the owners of the cache or very understanding people.

Right across the road there was a beautiful horse in a corral and when Grant went over to see it up close and personal, the horse got even closer to Grant than was expected.  It was a peaceful horse and quite gentle so there wasn't any danger to Grant, but look how close the horse came to him.  Grant said the horse made little noises and it sounded like it was whispering to him.  Maybe Grant has a future as a horse whisperer.

 We managed to find three caches and also located two more that were in the middle of huge poison ivy/oak patches.  The two were left for winter days when the ivy is long gone but by then we will be back in warmer weather.  We also picked up another travel bug that we will drop off somewhere down the road.

We had planned on making a fire, but it began to rain before we could even get the wood out to start it.  Hot dogs on a stick cooked over the fire were to be the main entree for dinner.  So much for that idea.  Plan B came into effect and the George Foreman grill was brought to the rescue and a can of chili heated to spread over the dogs.  Side dishes and homemade rice pudding capped off the meal.  The chili is talking back to me at this moment, so I guess this would be a good time to sign off.

Cooperstown, NY to the baseball Hall Of Fame is on tap for Tuesday.  Hope we have nice weather and the crowds are small.

One side observation.  US 20 is an older road running east/west, but is in good condition.  It has a number of 8-11% grades of about a mile long or so since it runs across the mountains.  It seems that all the towns are at the bottom of the grades and have a stoplight, then you have to start from a dead start to get back up the grade ahead.  I guess the towns were laid out along running water in the old days and that is why they are along bottom land.  Made sense 200 years ago, but is quite a pain driving the road in a motorhome now.

That was our exciting day, how was yours?


  1. Once again we're running short on internet gigs so I'm just trying to read a few blogs until we can reset. So I'm here. And other than that issue having a great day. Jim caught a lot of fish but they were too small to keep.

  2. Sounds like you are having a good time. I was in NY over the weekend but got a couple days behind reading the blog. I worked my way up at the end of last week and then had an appointment in Middletown on Monday. Now I am outside of Boston and will be in Maine on Wednesday then back to Concord on Thursday. Not sure of your schedule but there are some tours of the old mines around the Scranton area along with Steamtown Train museum if you need something to do while traveling back. Have fun!


  3. $48 is a little steep, but when that's the only decent opportunity, it's a bargain. Lots better than a motel, and you can cook your own hot dogs. We wouldn't travel without our George. Last night he grilled some chicken for us and our younger daughter. Also grilled some fresh pineapple. Yum!