Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Phone Connection On The Road 1997

We didn't have a cellphone back in 1997 and traveled all over the country without one.  This was how we stayed in contact with our three children while we were down in the Florida Keys. 

Gerry would call the children and have them call us back at the pay phone to avoid the high cost of long distance calls on the pay phone.  At that time the phones were installed at Long Key State Park and numerous other places.  When was the last time you saw a pay phone at a campground?

 We camped at Long Key SP, Bahia Honda SP and alternated between the two parks when our 14 days were up.  It was necessary to reserve a space 11 months ahead of time due to the popularity of the parks in Jan-April timeframe.  We managed to get sites in the Keys from 1996-2006.  It finally got to be such a headache reserving sites there that we gave up after 2006 and have spent the last 11 years camping in Tucson, AZ.  Now that is another story.

Larry sitting in the shade by our 1995 Flair RV at Long Key SP

Our campsite on the beach at Long Key SP

Jared, Sean, Stephanie & Ryan at Bahia Honda SP after the Easter egg hunt.

Bahia Honda SP Gulf side beach

The end of a perfect day in Paradise
Now we each have cell phones and can't get into the Florida Keys state parks since they are even busier than ever.  I think I would like to give up the cell phones and spend Jan-April back in those state parks.   

Where were you in 1997?


  1. We did the same thing with the kids when they were in college. When is the last time I saw a pay phone any where?
    In 1997, I was teaching at the college and Paul at the high school. Both girls were playing travel soccer and softball. Crazy time for sure.
    Great flashback post.

  2. Those were the good ole' days to be sure! Love the Keys & all the memories we made there! I definitely left a piece of my heart there! Love the look back. It's been a few years since I've seen a pay phone~~ at least in USA!
    Your profile pic is beautiful as well. Still would take a Key Sunset above it or most others!
    Love seeing the kids that small, too
    Glad to see you posting again!! Thanks, Dad!