Friday, May 12, 2017

Spending Time At Treetops

We finally arrived in Arlington, TX and managed to snag 4 days at the Treetops Rv Resort there.  They are a Passport America park and you are allowed 2 days at the 1/2 price campsite rate.  They also state more days can be obtained if they have a site available.  They did, but it was a premium site and we took it paying full price for one day and 1/2 price for three days.  Treetops is in Arlington, TX just off Cooper St and is very close to our friends Judy and Herb's home.

Herb was busy with his cigar store and we didn't see as much of him as in previous visits.  We did go out to dinner with them to a nice Italian restaurant close to the campground and had a very good meal.  It was a small place but we managed to get a nice table and enjoyed the meal and company.  It was BYOB for your wine and they didn't have a corkage fee.  Great deal.  They stopped by the MH after dinner and we chatted until late in the evening.  It seems we are never at a loss for words with those two.  

Judy with a Halo Effet
 Judy joined us for lunch one afternoon and we enjoyed a home cooked type of meal at a local restaurant.  It got to teasing the waitress and asked how long she had worked there.  She was very young looking and said five years.  I asked if she started when she was 12 and she informed me she had an eighteen year old son and showed us his picture in his football uniform.  I was floored.  She didn't look anywhere near old enough to have a son that old.  I may have to get my eyes checked.

Cassie was flying to Salt Lake City for a convention and had a 2 hour layover at Love Field in Dallas. We decided to drive there and spend some time with her since we haven't seen her since last November.  Her plane was late leaving Baltimore and that cut into the time we had to visit since the flight she changed over to left on time.  It was great seeing her and her cousin Jerry Kotzman (Gerry's nephew) showed up to visit with her also.  That was a big surprise for Cassie since she hadn't seen him since 1992.  My how time flies.

Me, Gerry, Cassie & Jerry

Jerry & Gerry
 We were going to meet Jerry, Rose and their two daughters where Kaitlyn worked at a hostess for dinner, except they had pipes break and the restaurant was closed down.  We did meet Rose & Jerry at a Pei Wei chinese restaurant for dinner, however the girls couldn't make it.  It was nice seeing them and catching up on what's been going on in their lives.  We have stopped in Arlington a number of times over the years and always try to meet up with them.

 Jerry is a diehard St. Louis Cardinal fan but I don't hold that against him.  He is very interested in sports and keeps up with the various teams, including British Premier league team Chelsea which won the league championship recently.  Go Pirates!!

We left for the airport a couple hours early and it was a good thing we did.  They had all the roads torn up with detours all over the place.  We would have never found the airport except for the mapping app on my tablet.  Then when we left the airport we decided to go to the restaurant and had to find an alternate place to eat due to all the traffic and mess on the roads.  Hence, we met at Pei Wei.

They have a number of displays with old pictures of Love Field and I took photos of them.  I especially like the picture below except for taking it through glass made it not so clear.

Judy and Herb invited us over for dinner and some great margaritas.  Once again we chatted and had a great time with them.  We even discussed taking a trip to Australia and having them join us for a couple weeks over there.  It's nice to have something to wish for.

One day while we were there I decided to wash the car and the motorhome.  They were both filthy from all the dust from the southwest.  Rain a couple nights turned everything into mud on the vehicles and I managed to get about 80% of the dirt off.

Finally it was time to move on down the road.  We drove through East Texas on I-20 and saw a lot of damage from the tornado that went through that area a few days before we arrived.  It jumped I-20 in a couple place and there were trees, buildings, vehicles and everything else all jumbled up along the roadside.  What a mess.

We made it to Vicksburg, MS that evening and pulled into our campsite and crashed.  Gerry had been feeling under the weather for a week or so at that time and needed to relax.  We had called ahead to make a reservation and got the last site available.  I'm not sure what we would have done if there wasn't room for us.  It was a 390 mile day and it wore us out due to the rough roads and a swarm of bees that hit the front of the motorhome.  That was a surprise when they hit the windshield.

That was our time in Arlington and Vicksburg.  It was on to Red Bay, AL the next morning for maintenance work on the motorhome.  More about that experience later.


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