Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hummel Sale

One of the ladies in Gerry's craft group happened to mention that an antique shop had Hummels on sale for 60% off.  That perked up Gerry's interest in a heartbeat so she decided to check out the sale.

Now some people buy Hummels as an investment, but Gerry just likes them and has collected them for the last 50 years or more.  She has a nice collection of them in storage and occasionally finds one or two on sale and adds to the collection.  That way she can see them while we are in the motorhome and enjoy them.  The following are some of her collection that is in storage.

Gerry knows the names of each hummel and she only collects original Goebel figurines.  There have been knockoff ones out there but she knows her hummels very well.

She had me somewhat nervous for a while when she asked me to come in and look at a couple hummels.  I usually just say if you like it, buy it.  When I saw the price tag for this pair I had to modify my statement.  Gulp!

Thank God she wasn't that interested in these three and we walked out with three others for a reasonable price.  These were 32 inch ones and she prefers the 3 - 6 inch ones. 

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