Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back On The Air

My computer operating system (OS) crashed on me last month and I tried to fix it but it was too far gone.  I looked into buying another computer but laptops have gone up in prices quite a lot.  I finally bought another copy of the operating system and installed it today.  Now I have to bring all my programs up to date and that is going to take some time.

I think the problem with the OS is that Windows 10 downloaded and I installed it last year.  I didn't care for Win 10 and backed it out of my computer as instructed.  Over time Win 10 loaded some updates and one of them clobbered my computer.  All my data was there but the OS would not work.  That's my story and I am going to stick to it.

We did have some good news last week.  Gerry managed to win $200 on the slots at the Casino del Sol.  She stopped playing and walked away a winner.  All of this as a result of putting $1.00 in the slot machine and winning on her second spin.  She was one happy gambler to say the least.  Now she has hidden the money and I'm not sure she is going to share it.  (Note from Gerry - but he made me buy dinner with my winnings, so I shared at least that much.)

Once I get the computer settled I plan on updating the blog.  We haven't been doing a lot of interesting things so it should be easy.  

Gerry's cousin Joanne is now on Facebook and it will never be the same.  LOL



  1. two forgot to tell us that Gerry was a big winner. Good for her.