Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Vail, AZ Pima County Fairground RV park

We were up bright and early for our departure from Las Cruces to Vail, AZ  (Tucson)   Nothing much interesting happened along the way to Lordsburg where we fueled the motorhome.  The diesel fuel was $2.69 for credit price and we used our FlyingJ fuel discount card and got it for $2.59.  Since we took on 80 gallons, we saved $8.00 on the fill up.

Our destination after that was the Pima County Fairgrounds outside of Tucson.  The shortest route there is to take MM 275 exit from I-10 onto S Houghton Rd, however it is a very busy exit and limited view on the driver's side.  Just down the road is the Rita Rd exit and it is much easier to cross.  Once we got past the 275 exit lane the traffic came to a standstill.  There was a bad accident about a mile down the road and everyone was switching to the left lane.  A very nice truck driver let me in and we arrived at the scene the same time as the firetruck. (No fire)  There were 3-4 vehicles involved in the accident and I could not see what really happened.  There was one car visible from my side window.  It's front was really smashed up.  We got through the area and arrived at the Fairgrounds a few minutes later.

That is when we were in for a surprise.  Last year they had installed a number of new campsites with 50amp service and water.  Now they were all torn up with trenches throughout the campsites.  In addition, the parking area next to the campsites was torn up.  There were detour signs directing us to the registration building.  

They said they were adding new full hookup sites and were working hard to get them open in a short while.  We wound up on a 50amp full hookup site on asphalt near the Budweiser pavilion.  It is fine for an over nighter and to be out of the old dust bowl of the previous sites where we have stayed.

It looks like they are transforming the Fairgrounds into a very nice campground.  If they keep the price of the campsite low like they have been ( $25/night for 50amp full hookup), it will be a popular place to spend some time.  They have added sites near the tree line so there will be shaded sites also.

Gerry and I joined Ron K for dinner at Montgomery's and wound up chatting for a few hours.  I always enjoy Montgomery's however the service was slow this time and I only got to enjoy one happy hour beer.  We went back to the motorhome and chatted some more and Ron decided we looked tired and went home.  We will see him again and we can continue to catch up on all the happenings out here.

That was our day, how was yours.


  1. We enjoyed the dinner tonight with you and Gerry. Need to get together again and spend more time.

  2. We stayed in at the Fairgrounds too years ago. We had a great site. The people are really really nice also.