Sunday, November 13, 2016

We Are Still Here

It's been a while since I last blogged but ran into a serious case of "writer's block".  I had things to say but just didn't feel like blogging so I took some time off.

In the last blog I mentioned we attended the wedding of our grandson Jared to Hannah, the love of his life.  We've been to many, many weddings over the course of our lives but this one was really one to remember.  The wedding venue was directly in the path of Hurricane Matthew and the wedding on October 8 was when it hit us.  We had almost 9" of rain and winds around 25-30mph all day.  Since the wedding was outside under a canopy and on grass, it quickly turned into a quagmire of mud and rain.

It was touch and go if the wedding would even be held since the canopy company would not assemble the cover if the wind was over 30mph.  Their concern was the 100' X 50' canopy would come down.  The caterer had 8 events that day and 7 of them were cancelled.  Since we were lower and had trees to shield us a little, they went on with the wedding.

Gerry, me and Barbara (proud mother of groom)

 Barbara and Henry were beaming with joy to see their last child getting married.  They were on cloud nine all day and it showed in their smiling faces.

Henry, Jared & Barbara
 Aw mom, do we really have to do this?  Yep!

Jared & Barbara

 Our granddaughter Stephanie and grandson Sean were in the wedding party along with Taylor (Sean's wife).  Picture below.

Shawn, Stephanie, Henry, Barbara, Jared, Hannah, Taylor, Sean & Ryan

 We even got into the picture taking.  This picture was taken with our camera and I think the photographer may have a better one.  She wanted us all scrunched up close much like she did with all the other ones.

Jared & Hannah 1st dance of the evening.

 It was a mess walking from the covered porch area to the canopy in the rain.  We were shielded a little by umbrellas that kept some of the rain off of us, but not the sideway gusts.  After we got under cover we gave the umbrella to an assistant who carried it back to the porch for the next use. 

The dance floor was in the center of the tent and that is where the wedding party entered.    It was slow going since the grassy area we had to walk on quickly turned into a mess.  It looked like a herd of cattle walked in ahead of us.

The buffet meal was served at the other end of the tent and that entailed walking in the mud up there to get our meal.  I decided early on that one trip was going to have to do for me and I got two glasses of wine.  They also had light beer for the beer drinkers but I've never liked light beer so wine was my drink of choice.

After the meal we enjoyed the music of a great DJ and the younger generation danced the night away.  Of course grandma Gerry joined in on the dancing and had a ball.  I don't know where she got the energy but she does love to dance. 

Typical mud trail under the tent.
 We had a great time at the wedding and loved seeing our grandson get hitched.  I wore my dark tennis shoes and didn't worry about the mud except to help Gerry navigate (pun intended) around.

The very nice large house for the wedding wound up having water come through the walls and puddle up.  The floors were covered in mud and I can't imagine how much work will go into cleaning up the place.  Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be a problem, but these weren't in that category.

Like I said earlier, it truly was a wedding to remember.  We drove back to the motorhome and had to drive around downed trees and the closure of I-95. (THE 95 for those of you from California).   It was strange to be on the highway with no traffic.  Luckily, the closure came at our exit so that wasn't a problem for us.  

It was a relief to get back to the motorhome, get out of our wet clothes and sit by the fireplace.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Our day was a whole lot drier than yours. But I'm glad the kids persevered and will have many wonderful memories.

  2. WOW...not only is that a wedding to remember, it is an entire day to remember. So glad those two young kids didn't let the weather interfere with their special day. Boy do they have a lot of memories...all made in one day.

  3. Enjoyed readying this blog about the wedding and seeing all the pics you posted. Everyone looked so nice. Barb and Gerry looked very pretty, and you didn't look too bad yourself!

  4. Good to hear from you. Glad you're still above water.