Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good News and Bad News Today

We had a full day with a 225 mile round trip for doctor appointments near where we used to live in Montgomery County, MD.  Gerry and I both have doctors that we trust and make the drive down there each year for our yearly exams.

First the good news.  My urologist guaranteed me that I wouldn't die of prostate cancer.  I had seed implants and radiation a number of years ago and have been fine since then.  My PSA numbers went up about .1 this past year and I asked him about it.  Nothing to be concerned about was his answer since normal results will vary a few tenths from year to year.  My results were super good and that is when he guaranteed me I wouldn't die from prostate cancer.  WHEW!  Then he said something else would have to do the job.  He does have a wicked sense of humor and that is one of the things I like about him, plus he is a super great urologist.

The bad news came when Gerry went in for her yearly ear exam.  A number of years ago she needed surgery on one ear and her ENT Doctor performed it successfully.  He wants her to have it checked each year to ensure all is well.  He said it looked great and even better than in the past.   Then the bad news came.  He has decided that he is tired of dealing with medicare and the insurance companies and is retiring to Florida where he will teach at a University down there.  Gerry really trusts him and is very sad to see him leave the practice.  

We have had 4 doctors in the past couple years give up their practice due to heavy government burdens put on them resulting in increased cost to run the business and decreased income due to gov't requirements.  It doesn't look good for the medical profession and their patients in the future.

After the 2nd appointment we stopped by Total Wine & Beer and picked up some wine to carry us over into October.  They have the best prices around and their wine selection is great.  Maybe the wine will help Gerry through her sadness.  

Tom & Gerry's sister Darlene meet us for dinner since it was close to where they live, and we selected Olive Garden.  It was very noisy there with two large groups drowning out everyone else.  They should put them in a separate area so they can make all the noise they want and not bother others.  We managed to talk over them and enjoyed seeing Tom & Darlene.   

The meals were great as usual and they were so large that we had to bring a doggy bag back home with us.  It looks like a lasagna lunch for us on Thursday.   

I have an eye appointment Thursday and another with my GP on Monday in regard to the blood clot and hopefully that will be it for a while.  They are both close to us and I am grateful we found them near the cabin.    

Assuming all goes well we are planning on traveling down to Roanoke Rapids on October 3.  We will stop for a few days and visit with our good friends Carolyn & Mann and then continue on so we can join in the wedding festivities for the marriage of our grandson Jared to his sweetheart Hannah on October 8th.  It will be a fun time for all seeing the family members once again.

That was our day and some of our plans for the next few weeks.  At least we will be back on the road again and seeing new sights or visiting old favorites.  


  1. Gosh darn, you scared me with the bad news but it was soooo darn good to hear your doctors' results for the both of you. Yes, I am sure many docs are leaving because of the insurance crap. Happy trails for you both.

  2. Beautiful photo of the bridge.
    I have had a couple of doctors retire also. It is difficult to build trust in another doctor. I am sure her doctor gave her a good recommendation.

  3. I really don't blame them for not wanting to deal with the government anymore. It's really scary because who knows what kinds of doctors we'll get after the good ones give up. Happy to hear the good results. And it sure feels good to get back on the road.

  4. I hope your plans are to be back here in Tucson for the winter. safe travels and enjoy the wedding.

  5. Let's start with the good news: YIPPEE KIYAH!!! Great to hear. Sad state of affairs with Drs/insurance/malpractice etc. my amazing OBGYN from Va Beach had to give up the OB due to such high costs to him! He was quite well known & respected-- what a shame..
    Can't wait to see you in 10 days!!!!